The United States of America
Of the Lawyers,
        By The Lawyers,
                 & For The Lawyers...
- The Facts -
- Lawyers Write the Laws -
Lawyers use their legaleze to construct laws that generally
only a lawyer can understand or interpret.
1,143,358 lawyers. Law Schools are graduating 40,000 new lawyers each year as they have consistently over the last 20 years. We are being overrun by lawyers, who not being subject to the normal laws of supply and demand, simply create work for themselves at an increasing cost to each of us.
Your Civic Duty
Your work and your life are secondary to - Your Civic Duty - at about $8.00 PER DAY while the Lawyers & Judges are making HUNDREDS of DOLLARS PER HOUR!    But you understand, after all the lawyers and judges do tell us that it is the best system in the world...
Lawyers comprise the majority of local, state and federal legislative bodies.
- Lawyers Make the Laws -
1 Lawyer for EVERY 200 Adults in America!!
SEE:  The System
All About Billable Hours
Confusion and Conflict produce billable hours.  Simple common sense decisions and solutions are almost extinct because they are in conflict with the billable hours required to support the ever growing legal profession.
SEE: The System
Lawyers represent 3/10th of 1 percent of the population yet have an 80% representation in our government.  Translation: The taxation of 99.997% of the American people is created, implemented, controlled, and enforced by .003 percent of the people, indeed a privileged class.
Taxation Without Representation
SEE: True Representative Government
Any wonder why the government is so wasteful and inefficient?  The majority of lawyers in government have never had any experience in the operation or budgeting of a real business in the real world.   And, in the world they did work in, they could earn more in a few hours than most people can earn
in a week or a month and sometimes even a year!
Lawyers & Government
SEE: Leadership Qualities
2 More Lawyers in the White House
Remember the Clintons? Remember the Scandals?  Remember the National & Worldwide Disgrace America was Subjected to?  Remember How Bin Laden Killed Americans at will BUT there was not enough evidence to bring him to Court!!
9 Lawyers Decide How All American's Live!
Nine Lawyers on the Supreme Court decide the laws, the morals, and the culture of 300 million
FREE Americans?   Arguably The Founding Fathers Biggest Mistake!
The U.S. Constitution
SEE: The Supreme Court
The Founding Fathers never had a clue how their masterpiece, The Constitution,
would be a Cash Cow  for the lawyers...
SEE: The Constitution
Lawyers Are Now Gods.
Their Decision is Final.  Natures Greatest Miracle can be Killed At Will.  Remember 9/11?  3000 innocent dead.  Well EVERYDAY in America 3000 of the most innocent people are KILLED.  Over 30 Million unborn children DISPOSED OF LIKE GARBAGE!!
All in the name of a good _ _ _ _ .
Our Country
The foundation that made America The Greatest Country in World History is cracking at an alarming rate. Character, morals, integrity, honesty, the passion to pray, the passion to create, the passion to build, the passion to succeed, and most importantly the simple desire and the ability to pass on to your children your American traditions and values is now disintegrating one billable hour after another....
SEE: The Judeo-Christian Foundation
The Good Guys
Of course there is the exception to the rule even with lawyers.  Everyday they fight against our corrupted legal system which is designed and exclusively controlled by lawyers, Americas ruling class.  Indeed they deserve our recognition, our admiration, and our support. 
The Missing 13th Amendment !
SEE: The Good Guys
... after studying the Amendments language and historical context, they realized the principle intent of this missing 13th Amendment was to prohibit lawyers from serving in government.
SEE: The 13th Amendment
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The Lawsuit Industry
GLOOG recognizes that it is not the ‘System’ or the ‘Lawsuits’ that are
destroying us, it is the enablers of them.
SEE: Lawyer Abuse Not Lawsuit Abuse
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