The System
Yes, your work and your life are secondary to - Your Civic Duty - at about $8.00 PER DAY while the Lawyers & Judges are making HUNDREDS of DOLLARS PER HOUR!  Yes, a murderer, a terrorist and a pedophile can all walk free on a  ' tehnicality ' or if they can afford  the ' best ' attorney.  And most doctors and companies settle out of court when threatened with a lawsuit because of the costs involved.  It is indeed the " best system in the world " for the lawyers and the judges.  In most of the civilized countries, the legal system is different in one very important way; if you sue someone and lose, YOU PAY.  In other words, most of the ridiculous and extortionary lawsuits are eliminated.
This clip from the 'Nash Bridges' TV Series is Funny on TV but Pithetically True in America.

Of course the legal system is broken and in critical need of an overhaul.  But most importantly, so is the United States government.  The fact that both of these ' systems ' are in critical condition establishes the real underlining problem.  Both of these systems were born out of the genius of a few men who had the foresight, the compassion and the common sense needed to give birth to this country.  These systems were never perfect, but they developed and improved and were effective for over 200 years.  They have stopped improving, stopped developing, and stopped being effective.  The design has remained the same.  Only the people have changed.  Both systems have become dominated by one profession; lawyers.  This domination has grown to the point wherein they now believe it is their right to have total control of these systems.  Human nature rears its ugly head again;

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

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