The Supreme Court
                           Arguably The Founding Fathers Biggest Mistake!

Nine Lawyers on the Supreme Court decide the laws, the morals, and the culture of 300 million FREE Americans? What were the founding fathers thinking?
But if anyone does, the Founding Fathers deserve the benefit of the doubt.  Their construction of the foundation of this country, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, is nothing short of genius.  Their awe inspiring foresight proved to be a miraculous achievement.  But George and the Boys, although very close to it, were not perfect and had no crystal ball.  They had every right to feel that the three branches of government and the system of checks and balances would keep things honest and the usurpation of power would be controlled to a minimum.  Two things which they could not foresee happened; 
1. All three branches would eventually be controlled by one profession/class of people.
2. The members of the ' supreme ' court would take that name literally.

                                                     The Supreme Court

I can only think of one imperfection that would blemish the otherwise perfect report card of the Founding Fathers; their choose of the adjective for this court.  Indeed by dictionary reference the word is a valid one.  But, as always, we must keep in mind how ' human nature can rear it's ugly head '.   Yes there is only one thing supreme in nature and that is God.  One may not believe and even ridicule the idea.  But deep down inside, with millions of years of evolution under it's belt ', that belief is alive and well.
As I explained in 'Full Disclosure', I am not a deeply religious person.  I do however believe the evidence is undisputable; human nature, whether God driven or not, controls 99.9% of the human experience. 
( Why are those that choose not to follow God's way so adamant that others accept their way and join with them?  Although they are not aware of it, one of human natures strongest elements, guilt, is driving their over-the-top advocacy.)

                                                    THE Supreme Court

It is not probable nor is it desirable to eliminate The Supreme Court.  And God is not available to sit on the bench in Washington.  The next obvious choice is not 9 men or women who just happened to do real good in their law career.  The choice is obvious and it is indeed what must always reign supreme in a democratic government;
Final decisions that change our lives, our childrens' lives and the integrity and future of our country,  should never be left in the hands of a few people.  Since "... all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights", then there is only one way to finally decide what those "inalienable" rights are.   When a decision is as profound to our country and our culture as to make it all the way to the Supreme Court, then there can be only one way to decide this issue.  

The Supreme Court Must Be The Will of the People

National referendums are the only logical, equitable and democratic solution to what has become an oligarchy, the Supreme Court.  Of course as it should be with any vote, the voters need to be informed and qualified.  This is easily attainable thanks to the internet and the vast communication devices and technologies available today.

See:  YourVote  

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