I am no ' legal expert ', not an attorney, and certainly not a professor, philosopher, academic or pundit.  My wife takes the kids and goes to church about every week, I usually stay home.  I love the teachings of the church because they are the brick and mortar of a civilized society's foundation.  It is sad to see attendance decline in all faiths but it is understandable.  As I explained to our preacher,  "the church needs to build prettier walls on it's great foundation".   My religious belief is simple and derives from the teachings of the most influential man ever to walk the earth, Jesus Christ;
"Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You"

The Judeo-Christian philosophy is America's foundation.  There is no question here unless of course one ignores the facts, the realities and our history. America is and always has been a  Christian country that welcomes all faiths to join with us in this great opportunity.   No person or agenda has the right to deny America it's Christian heritage or the values, laws, rules, and morals that it represents.  Simply, if one cannot respect and live with these realities and historical origins, then they need to move to where they will be more
' comfortable '.  After all, I would never think to move to another country and expect them to change their values and traditions just to satisfy me or my children born there.  

It will become obvious to you that, like most Americans I am gay and I am pro choice.
It will also become obvious to you that I'm not the legal profession's greatest fan!

         After 25 years of smoking I finally stopped.  Reason; after the first major
        tobacco lawsuit I discovered that the lawyers, hired by the State of Florida,
       would end up making about 25 cents for every pack of cigarettes sold.  
         ' October  1997: The tobacco companies agreed to pay $11.3 billion over
                                    25 years to Florida, and the state's contract with the
                                    lawyers gave them a 25 percent contingency fee if they won. '
          That payday for the lawyers equals $2,750,000,000!   Yes, that's 2.7 BILLION! 
         (Imagine winning the $7 million dollar lottery EVERY WEEK FOR 8 YEARS!)
         I refused to contribute to this travesty and stopped smoking..

        After being denied 3 times by the court, I won the right to represent my company
        in a civil action.  (Initially, I was told by the court that "corporations had to hire
        an attorney" ).  After much research and a final  legal argument presented to the
        judge, the court decided to allow me to represent the company legally in the case. 
        The Plaintiff's attorney filed a Writ of Certiorari against the Judge's decision but
        was denied by the appeals court.  To the best of my knowledge, it is the first time
        in the state of Florida that an officer of a corporation was allowed by the court to
        represent the company.  My impetus to fight the status-quo was the ridiculous fees
        demanded by the attorney and the arrogant disregard of the Constitution in still
        another attempt to generate billable hours.

It is not however from personnel experiences that GLOOG.us was born.

And Finally, I hope it will become obvious to you that I really don't GAD about opinions, including mine.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  The realities and the facts though are what they are.  If you choose to disregard the facts and the realities, then you most likely will not appreciate this site or the mission it represents.

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