Like many of you, I too experienced a divorce and the personal hell that is it's nature.  I too discovered that only the lawyers and judges are winners 100% of the time.  As despicable as it is to have to pay someone to direct the destruction of your family and the burial of love and emotions, this is not even the real issue.   The real issue is divorce itself.  Yes, the divorce industry is a cash cow for lawyers and so is welcomed and promoted by them.   (Did you ever hear of a divorce attorney recommending you reconcile?)   But being a cash cow for lawyers is only the tip of the iceberg.  Most would agree that the family unit is both the seed and the nutrient for a successful society.  Divorce and the destruction of the family is only part of the disintegration of American culture and values.    While the lawyers welcome the revenues from divorce, the lawyer/judges make decisions that  weaken the family and  promote its destruction while favoring rights that are in direct conflict with our traditional values.
  Lets just look at a few examples;

       The Marriage Contract;  I guess it must be a contract otherwise why would the courts be involved in our family life when no crime has been committed?  But wait, if it is a contract, then why then can the party that broke the contract be rewarded?  And why does the person who abided by the contract having to pay a penalty?   OK, I am taking this personal, (BECAUSE IT IS to me and everyone else! ) but please explain why a parent has to pay child support ( pay to NOT have their child ) when the other parent broke the contract?  The only answer can be that this scenario embellishes the disintegration of a marriage and the values  and the commitments that are at the heart of it by, as with The Constitution,  making marriage just another contract that must be interpreted by that privileged special class of people known as lawyers/judges who sit in their kingdom known as a courtroom and rule over everything and everyone...  Wait a second!  Just think.  Now that this contract is open for interpretation by anyone who fronts the fees, just maybe that tradition from the millenniums that marriage is between a man and a woman has been ' misinterpreted ' all along.
Of course the contract all along meant between a man and a man or a woman and a woman too.  And just think how much better it can get.  Got some extra cash?  Just pay the right lawyers, and support the right judges and that sexy lamb could share your name and your bed...  (Think I'm getting carried away?  Go back just a few decades in America and tell anyone that of course a man can marry a man etc.  And of course you have the right to dance naked in the streets and show lewd acts while laughing and in effect spitting in the face of family values and American culture. At best, you'd be committed and there would be no ' hearing ')
The old slippery slope is real and is very slippery...

        Pro-Choice / Gay ??  Sounds great. Everyone should be pro choice.  After all, when I go into Carvel, I don't want anyone telling me that I have to buy vanilla!  Or what car to buy, or what show to watch, or what color underwear, or who to marry, or who to vote for, you get the point.  Yes pro choice is a must in America and any other free society.  So why is 'pro choice ' so controversial?  Because pro choice is not what is being promoted, what is being promoted as a ' women's right ' is ' pro death '.   It's pretty easy.  After all, the opposite of pro life is pro death.  Pretty much like homosexual has now become ' gay '.  That's right, I want to be gay, doesn't everyone?  (  Webster's Dictionary:  Gay - adjective  - 1 a: happily excited : merry <in a gay mood> b: keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits )
The point is that the breakdown of American values and traditions is spear headed by special interest propaganda machine supported in the courts by their greatest ally the lawyers and lawyer/judges who gladly accept any agenda as long as it inflates those billable hours.

   See:  The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian

       Politically Correct ?  You have to give the devil it's due.  Those who work to destroy American tradition are the very best at spreading and indoctrinating their agenda.  Their  propaganda machine is without equal.  They sure have studied their history and seen what a  good propaganda machine could accomplish.  Goebbels would be proud of their continuing accomplishments.  ( Goebbels used modern propaganda techniques to manipulate and psychologically prepare the German people for aggressive war and the annihilation of civilian populations. Among other propaganda devices, he accused Germany's victims (such as the Poles, the Jews, the French) of trying to destroy Germany, claiming that Germany's belligerent actions were taken in self-defense. )   They have for now, made being ' politically correct ' more important than truth, justice and the American way... 

       So how do we reverse this tsunami of legal decisions that support the propaganda and have made the American courtroom palaces for self appointed kings to rule over us.  How do we reverse the decisions of an oligarchy that continues to erode our culture and  the traditions that have made America the #1 destination for over 200 years?

It's Easy

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