The Good Guys

They are indeed ' The Exception to the Rule '
They are attorneys who put Family, Country, God and Morals before selfish ideology and greed.  These people have deserted the self serving lifestyles and have chosen to become legal warriors for the American people.
Before and before most of the modern internet sites dedicated to
' Taking Back America ', these patriots were fighting the good fight against the ACLU and similar groups organized to destroy traditional America.   Groups like the ACLU are dedicated to setting their own agenda for America.   It is an agenda that most Americans disagree with and many times find despicable.  These groups are using the courts to activate these agendas because they cannot get Americans to vote for them.  As lawyers took more and more control of the three branches of government, these agendas have come to fruition.  The Good Guys are fighting back in the courts and have had some success.  But these successes are minuscule compared to the achievements of the special interest groups and the lawyer/judges/politicians that have forced their agendas on the American people for the last four decades.   The life and the traditions that our forefathers and our fathers created, worked for, fought for, and died for, could now be easily defeated by the enemy within, the ' Privileged Lawyer Class ' and the special interest groups that support them.  

In 1962, prayer in school had been a great American tradition for over 200 years.  No one would have imagined, and more importantly, no one would have voted to outlaw this simple non-denominational prayer.  After all, most understood this tradition had always been a inspiring way to unite the children and a positive way to start the school day.
' No vote necessary, thank you.'   The ban on prayer was achieved through the Supreme Court without a vote or a shot fired.  WOW, what a coup.  Since then, the groups who would change America have learned that they can have their way without the vote of the people simply by using and manipulating the courts. (See The Supreme Court )
After the school prayer ban success, it was obvious to the special interest groups, the groups who wanted to change America, that they had hit on the easiest and most efficient way to implement their agendas and force America to accept them. 
They had also discovered a partner who was more than willing to endorse and fight for any agenda, as long as the legal fees and the political contributions poured in...

After the killing of human babies was made legal in 1972, they were off to the races...

The Good Guys are in the courts everyday trying to defeat the usurpation of power that has taken place in the courts since 1962.
Please learn about them and support The Good Guys in any way you can.

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