As a result, tenants must pay only $10 for stamp duty per rental agreement if their monthly rent is less than $700. “Tenants should note that all landlords must be registered with Fiji Revenue and Customs Services (FRCS) to confirm this registration when paying their stamp duty. The Council invited those facing landlord and rental issues to contact the Council on 155 or by e-mail, All tenants who lease land for agricultural, commercial, residential and tourism/audiovisual purposes are informed that stamp duty (SD) under Section 3 of the Stamp Duties Act (SDA), with the exception of the exceptions and provisions relating to conditional exemptions contained in the SDA, is paid to La Revenue -Customs by the person who enters into a lease agreement for these properties. All agreements concluded are subject to stamp duty as follows: 71.-1. Any instrument by which a property is transferred or transferred legally or fairly to another person by exchange is considered a transfer on the sale of that property, and stamp duty is assessed accordingly and paid accordingly. (2) In all the provisions of this Transfer to Sale Act, any reference to the sale or purchase must be interpreted as covering the exchanges. 3. Where land or interest in land is the consideration or part of the consideration for a transfer upon sale, the value of those assets or interest is considered to be their capital value or any other value that may be indicated as the value of the transfer or agreement or other instrument by a party to the transfer as a before or in relation to the transfer, what is the most important value. 4.

Where the value indicated in such a transfer, agreement or deed includes, without distribution, the value of a property other than the property referred to herein, the Commissioner allocates that value between those real estate or interests and those other assets, as it deems appropriate, and stamp duty is assessed and paid accordingly. 5. The Commissioner may require any party involved in such a transfer to the sale to establish such an agreement or instrument in accordance with the subsection (3) or to make a legal declaration indicating the existence and content of such an agreement or instrument, and until that requirement is met to the commissioner`s satisfaction, he may seize the transfer for sale. 6. In the absence of a separate valuation of the land or interest on land constituting the consideration or part of the consideration for a transfer to sale, the Commissioner may assess those assets or interests for the purposes of this section and stamp duty is assessed and paid on the basis of the valuation thus carried out. With effect on 1 August 2020, stamp duty has been abolished and stamp duty will no longer apply to written deeds that were closed after 1 August 2020. Those who pay rent ranging from $700 to $1,500 will have to pay $20 as stamp duty.

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