The Resources on this page are put in the order of importance and effectiveness in illustrating and indeed proving that America is being unconstitutionally controlled by a privileged class and that the Republic which the Founding Fathers established has since become an Oligarchy.

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This prophetic book was published in 1997 and is the Bible for all who recognize the cancer that is destroying America.   Sammy Sorrell does a complete and masterful job of exposing in great detail how this cancer has managed to consume the American government and American culture. 

He leaves no stone unturned in answering how and why America is no longer The Land of The Free but has become The Land of Lawyers who control every aspect of our lives.  Their dominance of the Judiciary did not satisfy them.  With the help of an apathetic and gullible electorate, lawyers have managed to take over the legislature and the Executive branches of local, state and the Federal government.  

As Mr. Sorrell says, this ‘Parasitical Culture of Lawyers are Destroying America.’  

The cancer that has spread throughout America for decades will soon become fatal unless the tumor is finally exposed and removed.  This book exposes this tumor better than any before or since.  GLOOG is the surgical tool to remove it.

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                                     The GLOOG Flyer

A Wake Up Call for American Voters

Only in these 4 simple, yet powerful pages
will one find the answer so many have been asking for so long;

          What happened to America?
Feel free to download and pass it along to anyone you know who loves this country

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America’s 2nd Declaration of Independence

This is an original document and is designed to expose the Oligarchy that  is at the root of America’s demise.  It is also a powerful & specific statement that  lists the grievances and declares the freedoms  to  restore the Republic to what Americans expect from a government ‘Of The People’ and Not ‘Of The Lawyers.’

‘Of course some will say that we are  dreaming with this new Declaration and it  can never happen. 

Well then that makes it even that much more like The Original…’

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The Federalist Papers,(#s 1-85), written by Madison, Hamilton and Jay in 1787 are regarded as the third most important historical documents in the United States, after the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

These new Federalist Papers were written as a continuation of the original Papers in order to alert the Nation to the illegal actions of the legal profession in unconstitutionally taking over all government and thus undermining the basic implied doctrine of the separation of powers of the US Constitution.

Kudos for Ron Bibace fore these brilliantly constructed new Federalist Papers that provide the legal basis for restoring constitutional government and the breaking of the monopolistic, illegal control by lawyers of all government.

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This is an amazing read especially considering this book was published back in 1907.   It is written by John R. Dos Passos, a lawyer who see’s the damage that his profession is inflicting on the country and warns that if not curtailed, it will indeed get worse to the point of destroying America.   Fast forward to 1997 and ‘low and behold’;  Lawyers Destroying America is published.

Dos Passos did a brilliant job of foretelling the damages that were inevitable from a lawyer controlled society.   He also offered some realistic remedies that are even more relevant today.

Click on image for bullet points from the mind and ‘crystal ball’ of John R. Dos Passos.

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LawSchoolsBook   Elite Law School Ideas Are ‘Catastrophically Bad for America’

From Barack Obama (Harvard and Chicago) to Bill and Hillary Clinton (Yale), many of our national leaders today emerge from the rarefied air of the nation’s top law schools. The ideas taught there in one generation often wind up shaping national policy in the next.

The trouble is, as Walter Olson explains in this book, our elite law schools keep churning out ideas that are catastrophically bad for America. Rights to sue anyone over anything in class actions? Hatched in legal academia. Court orders mandating mass release of prison inmates? Ditto. The movement for slavery reparations? Court takeovers of school funding, at taxpayers’ expense? It’s not by coincidence, Olson argues, that these bad ideas all tend to confer more power on the law schools’ own graduates. In the overlawyered society that results, they are the ones who become the real rulers. And the worst is yet to come, the book demonstrates, as a fast-rising movement in the law schools demands that sovereignty over U.S. legal disputes be handed over to international law and transnational courts.

Some imagine that the law schools possess a finer, purer moral sensitivity than the everyday America outside their walls. (“Welcome to the Republic of Conscience!” Yale Law dean Harold Koh announced to incoming students.) But as this book shows, the pipe dream of training philosopher-monarchs not only leads to one policy disaster after another, but distracts law schools from the most useful function they can serve: training competent, ethical and suitably humble lawyers for tomorrow.


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The Federalist Papers were written in 1787-1788 and they explain the US Constitution. The FederalistPapers: In Modern Language (1999) was Webster’s first “translation” of the Papers. However, it was still quite difficult to read. This new edition of the Federalist Papers has been “translated” into 10th-grade reading level. This edition makes the Papers accessible to nearly everyone. The 41-page index in this edition refers to the Paper Number and paragraph number, rather than page number, so that the topics are easily found, even in earlier editions of the Papers.


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