The order is an agreement between the seller and a company to deliver the goods at an agreed price and within an agreed interval. For the delivery plan, you do not need to place an order. You can directly create a GR for this agreement. Just make sure that in case of a good receipt against the delivery plan, the gr date must correspond exactly to the expected delivery date. Interaction Center Features Agent IC Agent receives incoming calls from the online store. Output documentation – After creating the delivery plans, you need to create an SA version with ME84. HiU can only establish delivery plans against delivery plans with mE38gardsrobert Hi Madhu,Please note that the delivery plan is in itself an order document. It is a kind of framework agreement. You could unlock delivery plans against this customs clearance agreement.

Delivery plans are mainly used for routine purchases, for which you once finish the price & conditions and follow the delivery plans. If you obtain the equipment, you can make the receipt of the goods using the proof number of the collective agreement. I hope this clarification helps! Gr├╝├čeSelva I created SCHEDULING AGREEMENT and went to me21n and then gave the scheduling agreement number, the system gives me an error message. SA is also an agreement with the seller for the delivery of Matl, can be a quality or a value. Delivery dates are maintained in THE SA`s ME38 ref, which are called delivery plans. This allows you to maintain the delivery plan and communicate with the supplier on the basis of Forecase or JIT. And if you need a little more Matl, only SA deliveries are made with ME38. SA can be of 2 types: – without publication documentation system transmits the delivery information to the supplier as soon as you save the document. Contract The contract is a decision of a contract that does not contain a delivery date for the material. The contract consists of two types: no need to place an order for Sch Aggr. Schedule lined do the work of procurement. Below you will find the Sch aggr process In the “Manage Orders” app you can create an order.

In our case, if we want to create an order for an order request, we can use the transactional code ME58….

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