When you use the Platform`s homepage, your use of the Platform`s homepage is subject to the additional terms of the Platform`s homepage (or as it was later renamed) available under support.google.com/marketingplatform/answer/9047313 (or any other URL provided by Google) in the version as amended from time to time (“Platform Home Terms”). the SLA does not apply to errors: (i) that are caused by factors that are not subject to the proper control of Reflective Data; (ii) resulting from Customer`s software or hardware, third-party software or hardware, or both; (iii) resulting from abuse or other conduct contrary to the general terms and conditions of sale; or (iv) result from quotas applied by the reflective data service. Service credits are based on a percentage of the total monthly service fee you paid for the relevant Firebase service in the month the downtime occurred, calculated as shown in the schedule below. The monthly service fee does not include one-time payments, such as advances and advances, and excludes professional service and/or technical assistance or maintenance fees. Post-view conversions – the golden dream of distributors who use media ads – are only reported at the campaign level using Ads Data Hub. To meet this challenge, you need to export DT files and run custom reports. Google Analytics 360 is not the best tool for this. The service that includes the software and all intellectual property rights contained therein is and remains the property of Google (and its subsidiaries 100%). All rights in the Software not expressly granted to you in this Agreement are reserved and reserved to Google and its licensors, including Google`s (and its 100% affiliates` right to exclusive ownership of the Software and Documentation. .

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