1.8 In Canada, the quality of our environment depends not only on what we do at home, but also, increasingly, on activities outside our borders. Our domestic action is often insufficient to protect our environment, our resources and our health. We need to work with other countries to develop common solutions to international environmental problems that have a direct impact on us. As one of the world`s largest resource-rich countries, Canada has much to gain from the environmental commitments of its neighbours and the international community. Environment Canada`s emission reduction targets for ozone exposure are to implement the measures to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) set out for Canada in the international agreement. Officials from the Treasury Board Secretariat said the expenditure review process would likely cover all activities of the divisions, including those related to international environmental agreements. Following our audit, the Secretariat informed us that following the 2004 federal election, the Privy Council Office was tasked with assisting the Expenditure Review Committee, which is now a subcommittee of the Finance Committee. The objective of the audit was to determine whether the lead federal departments know the extent to which certain broad objectives of certain international environmental agreements are being met. Action plans, directives and commissions are examples of non-binding environmental measures.

Signatories are not legally required to comply with requirements or conditions, so non-binding measures can serve as political indicators of the government`s intention. 1.6 In recent years, the federal government has committed to a greater focus on the results achieved through the use of public funds. It was in agreement with this that the individual examined accountability for the results achieved under five international agreements. The objective of the World Heritage Convention is to identify and preserve potential sites important for cultural and natural heritage. Sites selected as World Heritage sites are protected by international law and are eligible for international financial assistance. Sights in the United States include Yellowstone National Park, Independence Hall, and the Statue of Liberty. 1.29 This review was based on the principles of accountability to Parliament and the results of Canadians, and examined how the Canadian federal government was accountable for the results of its international environmental agreements. .

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