As the name suggests, the rules for LTR services are easy and leave councils in the space to design contracting procedures for these services, provided they meet general principles such as transparency. More information and a FAQ on the rules for light touch-categorized services can be found in the Cabinet Office Guide. The authorities have the flexibility to use any procedure or procedure they choose for the awarding of contracts, provided they comply with the other commitments mentioned above. There is no obligation to use standard EU allocation procedures (open, restricted, etc.) that are available for other (non-easy) contracts. Authorities can apply these procedures if they are useful, or adapt these procedures to their own needs or design their own procedures. It is not clear whether or not a status quo period is necessary for purchases subject to these “light” regimes. For more information, see the firm`s office`s instructions on the status quo. Contracts reserved for certain services under the light touch regime. The new rules provide that some light touching contracts are “reserved” for organizations that meet certain criteria, such as. B public mutuality enterprises and social enterprises, for example. This is a slight level of Ts and Cs for general contracts for goods and services that are below the purchase thresholds set by the 2015 public procurement regulations (click here for more details). Users should be aware that they are not suitable for the following types of contracts: for these defined light touch services, a higher threshold applies: when introducing a relevant procurement transaction, procurement agents must also assess the expected value (including possible extensions) in order to determine the rules applicable to the process: the 2015 procurement regulations contain a number of rules (often referred to as “light touch regulation rules” for certain services). less interest in cross-border competition.

These service contracts include certain social, health and education services defined by common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes. The list of services covered by the light touch regime is included in Schedule 3 of the 2015 Public Procurement Regulation. However, the rules for light touching regulations are flexible for the types of attribution criteria that can be used, but it is clear that some considerations may be considered, including (this is not an exhaustive list): this short-form contract replaces two previous sets of Ts and Cs that dealt separately with goods and services. The new document may cover goods, services or a combination of the two.

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