The investment association, the charity investors group and the Charity Law Association have developed a guide for managers who wish to set up a CAIF, including a trusted model for a CAIF. Approved Investment Funds (CAIF) are UK-approved funds, which are created exclusively for charities. CAIFFs are approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Each CAIF is also registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. MODEL DISCRETIONARY INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT According to the december 2013 report of the Outsourcing Working Group (OWG), the group met again in 2016 to review the report and consider the need for further changes or changes. This amended version of the OWG report contains all the original content as well as some of the risk-based aspects of third-party outsourcing activities, with practical examples for asset managers. (FormerLY PAPERLESS RENUNCIATION IN AUTHORized FUNDS).

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