However, in our experience, it is possible to find a compromise and a reasonable solution to prematurely terminate a commercial lease, armed with informed legal advice, in order to obtain a favorable result for your business. In addition, some commercial leases allow the tenant to award or sublet the contract. A sublease or transfer is made when, during the term of the tenancy, the commercial tenant transfers all or part of his interest in the property to another party. However, divestitures and subleases are generally only permitted if they are expressly authorized in commercial leasing. Please indicate some of the reasons why it might be time to inform your landlord and terminate your current office space lease. If you want to sublet your offices, working with a client broker can help. A tenant can provide you with a new location in addition to a new tenant`s guarantee to take over the remaining months on your lease. SquareFoot, for example, has the feature to publish your sub nose on its listing platform to allow potential customers to view your space. If you decide to terminate a commercial lease in advance, you must: Commercial leases are usually long contracts that describe terms such as: breaking a commercial lease can be very expensive. Image: REA Group / Krzysztof Dydynski Conduct would include handing over the keys to the owner and the owner who accepts the receipt for the lease to expire.

Both options would, however, require the lessor to agree to the tenant to abandon the tenancy agreement. The landlord may also demand payment as “compensation” for the loss of rental income. If the landlord wishes to set a commercial lease at an early stage, he can ask the tenant to return it. In this case, the tenant is not obliged to accept and can accept the tax for the payment of a premium. This means that assessing current market conditions to determine the landlord`s chances of finding an appropriate replacement is something that tenants should do before deciding to break a lease. You may have to. B to provide a delay of a few months in writing or there may be a specific address to which the owner must be notified. If these clauses are not respected, it can invalidate their exit from the lease and ruin the locomotion plans. Before you try to renew your commercial lease, you should get advice from an expert in commercial leasing and the commercial real estate market. Instead of terminating your lease, your landlord may agree to use PivotDesk. PivotDesk is an online marketplace that connects companies that are trying to find or promote shared office space options.

Think airbnb for the offices where you first meet your neighbors. Basically, as a host, you can monetize the excess storage space in your office by subletting to another customer without having to move elsewhere. This will allow you to recover some of your commercial real estate costs. It`s a great solution, whether you`re going to have to shrink yourself or grow up quickly and gain excess space during the growth phase. However, if you intend to install a wall and distribute the space between the two companies, a sublease may be more appropriate. Here too, penalties for early termination of a commercial lease are often discussed in the contract. It is therefore important to fully understand the risks associated with entering into a long-term commercial lease before the contract is signed.

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