Applicant`s Name: Birth Date Height Weight Color Color Color Social Security Driver`s License Zip State Present Street Address City State How long? Home Phone Phone Phone E-mail Presentation Owner Name – Address Owner Phone Why are you leaving your current home? Employer Address Profession How long? Phone Revenue Vehicle Type Year Make Report and Day Number If you are a student, which school will you visit? The head? What year are you at university? Have you ever broken a lease or left money to pay an owner? JaNein, they were never arrested, had no competition or were convicted of a misdemeanor or a misdemeanor? JaNIf you have answered yes to any of the above points, please declare in case of emergency (name) phone address Candidates correct information indicates that all the above statements are true and complete, and by this authorized verification of the information mentioned above, including housing history, employment history, credit statements and court history. The applicant acknowledges that false information may constitute grounds for refusal, termination of the right of occupancy and/or consideration of booking costs and constitute a criminal offence within the meaning of state law. The applicant agrees to the terms of the “booking application agreement” below. The applicant submitted the sum of $35.00, which is a non-refundable payment for credit and processing cheque fees. This amount is not a rent or surety payment. The administration responsible for covering the costs made available by the applicant for the processing of this application retains this amount; False statements are one of the reasons for the rejection of this application. All applicable rental documents must be paid with a rental request. If the application is rejected, all rental titles and addendums will be considered null and void. APPLICATION RESERVATION FEE AGREEMENT: The applicant paid an “application booking fee” of $360.00 in return for the owners who remove this dwelling from the market and/or place the applicant on a priority waiting list, while considering approval of this application. If the applicant is admitted, but does not immediately enter into the proposed rental agreement, the booking tax is paid to the owner with damages. Booking fees will only be refunded if the application has been rejected.

Keys are provided only after the correct execution of leases and other rental documents by all parties and after payment of rental and application fees. This request is only temporary and does not require the owner or the owner`s representative to execute a rental agreement or to deliver ownership of the proposed premises. Key holding is only made available when fully executed warranty forms have been received. If the forms are not received within five (5) days of the expiry of the lease or before the start date of the lease, depending on the previous date, the lease expires after the lessor`s option and the deposits expire. Applicant`s Signature Date Individual Lease Contract This LEASE, on this date between Boardwalk at Appleyard LLP, the following referred to AS LESSOR as an agent for Boardwalk am Alafaya Trail, LLC, and below referred to as LESSEE, whose any person intending to be legally bound and link his respective guarantors, heirs, directors, personal representatives, successors and beneficiaries of the assignment (together called parties to the lease), agree as follows: LEASE short of (noon)

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