The consulting contract is subject to an administrative fee of 1% for tier 1 and Tier 2 service services. There will be no administrative fees for the obligation of tier 3 operators. The provider adds administrative costs as additional fees at the time of billing. The volume of the business and financing category of the AoG consulting solution includes consulting services in the following subcategory. Suppliers can also provide additional priority areas by subcategory. Each subcategory contains a list of examples of services that can be provided with this subcategory. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you are not sure if your project is part of this consulting contract, send an email to the consulting team. Consultants are covered by this contract.

Please note that contractors are outside the scope and are covered by the AoG external recruitment services contract. However, each contract is generally different, if you have a contract, you are required to purchase the goods and services under that contract from your or your chosen suppliers. For the aerthaof a. item, which are athaof of the contract, you can continue to buy them through the channels and suppliers that you would normally buy. November 12, 2020 – Service Panel refresh – webinar Consulting Our services use our own experience in managing complex projects and agile training for seven years. This means that Boost can help you deliver projects and programs that offer more value to taxpayers. Providing services to your agency by your or your suppliers, as described in the succinct description. Results are measured and reported to your agency (if any). The Centre for Advisory Services (CoE) of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has implemented an all of Government (AoG) solution for the provision of consulting services.

This solution is part of the public procurement programme put in place in 2009. The board service panel is open and suppliers can be added and removed throughout the life of the solution. The CoE is now looking for other providers capable of providing quality and inexpensive consulting services to join the panel. This PSR also provides existing suppliers with the ability to respond to additional subcategory or to modify levels for a subcategory already identified in their futures letter. The Consultancy Services Panel consists of 11 supplier panels, one panel for each of the following subcategory of advisory services:- Accounting- Assurance- Audit Business Change- Finance- Finance and Economics- Marketing and Public Relations- Operations Management and Risk- Policy, Research and Development Procurement and Logistics and Taxation.The CoE clarifies the scope of the sub-category Finance and Economics um actuarial services. Existing suppliers in the finance and economy subcategory are not required to provide a response to provide these services, but they must wait for the delivery of this PSR to begin delivery under a consulting contract.

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