It’s Come To This!

A Congressman has to get up in Congress and give a speech telling the Congress that the laws they pass should be enforced!  And that the Congress should not applaud for a President who stands before them and tells them right to their face that they are insignificant and that he will do as he likes and obey only the laws that he wants to!

WOW! – The Rod Serling’s America page over at The Bottom Line Guy site is filling up fast.   Here’s the latest:

We’ve finally gotten to the point where Congress had to pass a law to make sure that the laws they pass are enforced!

Obama Burns ConstitutionIn a speech that Representative Trey Gowdy really shouldn’t have had to make, he explains angrily to the Congress what its job is, and to Obama what his job is. Five Democrats joined Republicans in passing a bill that directs Obama to follows the laws – clearing the House by a 233 to 181 vote.

So there you have it.  Our lawyer ‘leaders’ make all the laws.  Then they choose which ones they themselves will abide by and which ones they will exempt themselves from.   Then when it becomes so evident that even the politically challenged public sees what’s going on, they pass another law that in essence says what The Constitution said 240 years ago and what their oath of office makes them swear to uphold!    Basically, now follow this because it’s just to absurd to comprehend right away,  it is a law that says that the law is the law!

Most of you will be not believe that it could be so insane in our nation’s capital.  But those of you who follow GLOOG understand the reality of the Lawyer Oligarchy that runs the country.

It’s Their Game and They Make The Rules

ItsTheirGAMEtrimmed537x421_thumb.jpgNext time you and your best friend get together to play your favorite game, tell him that you have decided to change the rules . When he asks you what the new rules are, tell him that you will let him know as and when you decide you need them. Also that you will let him know what rules apply to him and what rules apply to you. Let me know how this works out…

Here’s Congressman Trey Gowdy, one of the Good Guys here at GLOOG:


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