The Culture War That Never Was…

‘The Culture War’ – LOL!   It’s not now nor has it ever been a war.  Since that fateful day in 1962 when 6 judges decided that America’s 200 year tradition of school prayer was ‘unconstitutional’ (even though of course those who wrote the Constitution said a prayer before their meetings and till this day the Congress still does say a prayer each day) there never was a ‘Culture War.’  It has never been a war; wars are waged between TWO combatants.

First off the defenders of American tradition, culture and religion, aka the Judeo-Christian ethic, represented primarily by the Christian church have been ‘missing in action.’  The silence of the pulpit has been deafening.  Shame on all of those leaders’ of the church who spend  their time praising Jesus instead of looking after ‘His flock.’   Jesus never needed their praise.  What was needed and what they failed miserably to do was to defend  and fight for Jesus as so many have done throughout history.

And so without any leadership, the Christians of America, the ‘moral majority’ , have been  weak and naive and have allowed the lawyer class, spearheaded by the lawyers in black robes,  take control of the country and all but dissipate their culture.   Not even a shot fired and without ever identifying and going to battle with the ‘enemy within.’

 What Are The Preachers Doing?   –  The Church’s Sin of Silence


Secondly, the lawyer oligarchy that now controls America is solidly entrenched by way of the ‘lawyers in black robes’.   There’s no denying that they have little if any regard for The Constitution.   Since Marbury V. Madison in 1803 they have slowly usurped the powers of all 3 branches of government.   The result is that America is now ruled by a special group of people.  And we all know what that means:

madison-tyrannyNo, there never was a culture war.  Like so many of their agenda items, , they have used the term ‘culture war’ in much the same manner as they do ‘pro choice’, ‘gay’ ‘undocumented immigrants’ etc.   It’s meant to confuse or sugarcoat the reality.  In the case of ‘the culture war’ this suggests to Americans that they actually are engaged in a war/battle for their culture when the reality is this: When one side is fully armed and engaged in the fighting and controls the ‘battlefield’ while the other side sits idly by, it’s not a war: it’s a massacre.

The only combatant in this so called war are the anti-Americans, aka liberals and progressives, who have used the power of the lawyer class.

And in every single instance, lower courts have ruled that gay rights trump religious rights. – read more…

And the lawyers were more than happy to take the 30 pieces of silver and of course the bonus is they now have total control of America.


The greatest country in history with the mightiest military ever is being defeated with the simplest weapon ever used; 

a small wooden gavel..

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 Have Christians lost the culture war?

Posted onFebruary 20, 2014 by Todd Starnes

The culture war may be lost and religious liberty might not be that far behind, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research, the research arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Seventy percent of senior pastors at Protestant churches say religious liberty is on the decline in the United States, and 59 percent of Christians believe they are losing the culture war. Eleven percent considers that war already lost.

The survey results are staggering – indicating grave concerns about the moral direction of the nation from both the pulpit and the pew.

“Ten years ago we were talking about who would win the culture war, and now we’re talking about how will Christian rights be protected after the culture war,” Ed Stetzer, the president of LifeWay Research, told me. “We’ve lost our home field advantage. There are going to be some things that are different.”
Stetzer said it’s a big shift, “and it’s a shift I would not have guessed.”

Over the past few years, I’ve documented hundreds of instances of religious persecution in the United States. And the targets have been exclusively Christians. …

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