“It’s The Law”

“Laws made by man are needed to establish a civilized society.  Laws made by lawyers will eventually destroy a civilized society.” – FWH

America became great because it’s founders and leaders were noble men that created a Constitution and laws to enable the growth of a noble society and an exceptional nation.    Not perfect, but the closest thing to it – ever.  However, since the overthrow of America by the lawyer class, this no longer is the case.   America has gone from a land of laws to a land of lawyers.

And now that America is controlled by one special group of people, John Adams forewarning can not be denied:

madison-tyrannyAnd as we have seen in the past, this tyranny is all too often cloaked in ‘respectability’ by the ruling class constructing ‘laws’ that only serve to solidify their power and control.

This was legal!

KZ Dachau, Verbrennungsofen


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 And so it has become here in America.  The number of laws and regulations are so vast even the law makers are unfamiliar with most of them.  They do however all serve America’s ruling class, be it in solidifying power or insuring a revenue stream like none other known before.  Every rule and regulation, indeed every law guarantees money in the pockets of those who administer them: lawyers.   The other effects of these ‘lawyer laws’ is devastation to business, the economy, and last but not least, the destruction of the spirit and the culture that made America, in only 200 years, the greatest country in history.

WeTheLawyersBe it the stripping of America’s religious freedoms as in Engel v. Vitale in which 6 lawyers decided that America shouldn’t pray in their schools or in Roe v. Wade wherein 7 lawyers decided that killing babies in their mothers womb was ‘legal.’!   These are the prime examples, among others, of lawyer laws that are the seeds cultivating the destruction of America and it’s culture and making it unrecognizable as that ‘beacon of light on the hill’ that America always stood for.    Both of these travesties. aka laws, were decided by lawyers who have usurped their power and made their word the final word, aka ‘The Law’,  in America.   And they have brainwashed the people to accepting these travesties of morality and justice, as ‘legal’  and even constitutional!  How very sad.  How very lethal to America.


Here’s the latest example of the destruction of our country by the ‘Lawyer in Chief’ and the lawyer class.


Obama: Terrorism Bad – Killing 55 Million Unborn Babies by Abortion Good

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The reason abortion is not considered murder or terrorism on the most innocent of lives is because the Supreme Court has ruled that killing unborn babies is a constitutional right.

An act can’t be terrorism or murder if it’s legally permissible.

This was the logic of those who planned for the elimination of Jews in Europe. They simply made a law saying it was OK.

For a chilling reenactment of the plan, see the HBO Film Conspiracy: The Meeting at Wannsee, starring Stanley Tucci, Colin Firth, and David Threlfall.     The two-hour meeting on January 20, 1942, sealed the fate of Jews in Europe. The approach taken by the 15 German bureaucrats, some of whom were lawyers, was a straight forward outline on how to solve the “Jewish problem” without ever using the words “kill” or “exterminate.”

The law as it existed in Germany at the time was followed, giving the Nazis proper legal cover and justification for their actions.

“When the law keeps being brought up as an obstacle to the proposed policies, Dr. Gerhard Klopfer remarks that they will just change the law. After all, how many of the people here are lawyers, he asks? When the majority of members of the conference . . . raise their hands (including himself) he laughs and remarks that it was even worse than he thought.”

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