The Clubhouse

It is the most powerful and richest clubhouse in the world.   It is in reality the headquarters for the American Bar Association and it collects more fees than any other club, organization, business or even country in  the world.  It is the United States Congress.

On Monday, the president of the ‘Club’ came over from the ‘Club President’s House’, aka The White House, to speak to the club members.  And even though The Club has managed to create a SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR deficit, the Club members cheered their leader because, in spite of their failures and the  sinful deficit they created for all those who pay them, they are all richer than ever…

obama_sotu-605x3272Oh and for all those who don’t belong to the Club yet have to ‘pay the tab’, the message remains unchanged from The Club Members:

 We are the now the shepherds and you are now the sheep

And if you don’t like it


We write the laws, we interpret the laws, we administer the laws.

We decide if and when the laws are constitutional.

We decide if and when they apply to us and if and when they apply to you.

We have total control of your local, state and federal governments.

We decide how much of your paycheck we will keep and how it will be spent.

We decide who and what is criminal and who and what is not.

We decide what is moral and what is not.

and since

We all went to Law School

We are much smarter than you and therefore we will decide what is best for you and what is best for America.

Don’t blame us, thanks to your ignorance, we now control the greatest nation in the world.

But we’re not interested in The Character, The Class, and The Glory That is/was The United States of America

We are interested in something far more noble and deserving;  Us.

So just keep working and paying us your taxes.

And when you vote don’t worry about which party you vote in.

We control them too.

So stop your questioning and complaining and just keep voting us into office.

You are indeed ‘Useful Idiots’

Thank You

The Lawyers

AKA:  democrats, republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives, progressives, politicians,

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