Evil.  It never ceases to amaze me how utterly debased it keeps getting.  Be it Islamists or lawyers, they continue to promote and prove the existence of a race separate and apart from the one we call human. EvilSmall In this umpteenth example, a lawyer in Britain actually said this about his Muslim client who hacked apart a 25 year old British soldier right on the streets of London.

David Gottlieb, defending Adebolajo, emotionally told the jury: ‘Here is a man who killed a British soldier.’

He is a British citizen and he has shown himself to be honest, upright and honourable.

His voice cracked and he appeared to sob as he added: ‘He is someone who is totally sincere, a man of absolute honesty and moral conviction.’ ‘The description of callous, barbaric, mutilating a body do not fit my client, it’s not consistent with being a murderer.’

Mr Gottlieb told jurors they must not let emotion affect their decision.

‘Why should you acquit him, he is someone who killed Lee Rigby and has said he would kill again,’ he added.

He said the prosecution case is ‘absolutely overwhelming’.

‘In his mind he was obeying the command of Allah,’ Mr Gottlieb told jurors. …

That’s right.  His client was a Muslim who hacked apart a 25 year old British soldier right on the streets of London!  And he admits it and is proud of his butchery!

It is a shame to say this but the only justice here would be if after leaving the courtroom that day, the lawyer saw his father, wife or child hacked to death on the streets in front of him.  Maybe then he would understand and join the human race…    Read the complete story here….

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