This is an easy one. Just follow the money.  Who benefits the most from Obamacare?  Of course those who wrote it and forced it on the American people; lawyers.   This 2700 page monstrosity was produced by the very same prople that have produced a Federal deficit of 17 TRILLION DOLLARS! 

obamacare-ceremonyThe signing of Obama/Lawyer care.  Take a wild guess what group of professionals are most represented at this signing  and who also stand to benefit the most from this new 'law.'   2700-page legislation written, interpreted, and executed by lawyers

A disaster?  of course.  But anyone expecting anything less from the lawyer oligarchy in D.C. are fools.**

The 2 short videos here spell it out.

Megyn Kelly knocks it out of the park with this report on the lies we were sold in order to pass Obamacare:

*  Let’s say those who built the dysfunctional Obamacare website were each paid a princely wage of $150 per hour for the job. At this wage and a reported cost of $634,000,000 for the Obamacare website, taxpayers paid for 4,226,666 man-hours, or 528,333 work-days (eight-hour days), or 2,113 work-years (at 250 work days per year) toward the building of a website that doesn’t work.

How foolish it is for anyone to expect this federal government [and the lawyers who run it] to be anything but the perpetrator of fraud, failure, tyranny and waste.
Hank Schultz


Health Care & Perry Mason


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