As a follow-up to GLOOG's post America: Land of Laws = Land of Lawyers here's an article by Steve Tobiak exploring the same subject for Fox Business.   Very informative and a welcomed article in an inept media world where the 'talking heads' and the 'experts' continue to repeat themselves daily about all the symptoms while totally disregarding the tumor causing the very cancer that is destroying America.

The price for government protection and infrastructure used to be just taxes. Now it’s taxes plus a never-ending conundrum of laws and regulations that tax our lives, our liberties, our pursuit of happiness, and our sanity. Make no mistake: lawyers make our laws, run our country, and more and more, determine how we live our lives. And the end result has us all running scared of a government that’s supposed to be there to protect us.


We’re afraid that all the regulations are just the beginning because, three years ago, Congress actually passed a law that would change all of our lives forever without having any idea what was in it: ObamaCare. The more lawyers and lobbyists we have the more laws and loopholes they create. We’re talking millions and millions of pages of legislation and regulations. And you know what that means? It means countless billable hours for hordes of attorneys that you and I, our small businesses, and our corporations have to pay to figure it all out, keep us out of the government’s crosshairs, and defend us from frivolous lawsuits.

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America: Land of Laws = Land of Lawyers


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