U.S. government spent nearly $5 million on Hasan trial

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Take a wild guess whose pockets most of the trial costs for scum bags like Hassan goes!   If you said lawyers and judges you are right and it proves your brain is working.  Now all you have to do to stop this type of disgrace and waste of your money is to use that brain and your common sense next time you enter the voting booth.


There are thousands of examples of this injustice and the extortion of taxpayer dollars.  Happens every day in 'The Land of Lawyers.'    Here's 2 examples that best illustrate this – but be prepared to just get sick in your stomach…

Shame on ‘Us’     –    The Shame of a Lawyer Society

Bankrupting America – Thank You Lawyers


U.S. government spent nearly $5 million on Hasan trial

Your taxpayer dollars at work: $5 million to try — and to protect — a man who acknowledged his guilt from the beginning. The trial could have been over in five minutes and cost no more than the electricity needed to keep the lights on in the courtroom. Instead, we got the ridiculous charade in which evidence of Hasan's jihadi ties and allegiances was deemed inadmissible, and huge sums of money were spent for the jihad murderer's helicopter transport and private office.

"Records Show How U.S. Government Spent Nearly $5 Million on Hasan Trial: Taxpayers foot bill for $5 million trial in which Hasan put up no defense," by Scott Friedman for NBCDFW.com, October 5 (thanks to Larry):

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