They Have No Shame


How can any human being – elected to office or not, ideologue or not – care less about this woman’s torture; care less about that singularly important question?

What kind of monster(s) ignores this woman’s plea for answers?

Here’s the answer to that question.  An answer that unfortunately can be found nowhere in the media or national discussion.  An answer that is so obvious that it could be the ‘the poster child’ for the saying; 800 pound elephant in the room.   An answer that comes right from ‘the horses mouth’; the law professors who wrote a book on it.

…the way lawyers are taught to think and reason.  They show how legal education and practice have been rendered arid and dull by formalism,  a way of thinking that values precedent and doctrine above all,  exalting consistency over ambiguity, rationality over emotion,  and rules over social context and narrative – Leadership Qualities

[In other words; lawyers are taught and trained in law school to disregard feelings and compassion in favor of what THEY are committed to – be it ‘to win their case’ for a  murderer, or as in this story – ‘to side with their ideological party’  —  and the people, the victims and the country be damned…]

In case you haven’t been paying attention for the last few decades, there has been a coup in America and the American voter has unwittingly endorsed it!

WeTheLawyersNothing new from our ‘leaders’/lawyers that run this country.  What is amazing is how they continue to show how low they are capable of stooping.  Hard to believe that American voters still don’t get it!  Most Americans continue to destroy their own country by voting these shameless narcissistic lawyers into office.

Just lately we witnessed this total void of compassion by the lawyer class [Oligarchy] that run America:  

From The Mouth Of A Lawyer   –   Benghazi  –  Redefining Crude & Disrespectful  

 Dead Heroes Come Home To Disgrace  –  The Shame of a Lawyer Society

–  Here’s the latest example of the their disrespect for both the living and the dead  –

Progressives, Dems Slap the Faces of Benghazi Dead
Posted on September 22, 2013 by Frank Salvato

In a move that illustrates why the overwhelming majority of American’s have grown to despise partisan politics – and come to be understandably Obama was AWOL Stevens Died Obama Liedoffended by the actions of the Left, Progressives and Democrats on the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee executed – under the guise of protest – one of the most insensitive and disrespectful actions in the history of the United States House of Representatives.

They staged a pre-planned and organized “walkout” before the testimonies of the families of those slaughtered in Banghazi on September 11, 2012. 

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The Shame of a Lawyer Society


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