The Tyranny of The American Judiciary

“The Constitution, on this hypothesis, [judicial interpretation] is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the Judiciary which they may twist and shape into any form they please,”

For years and indeed decades, just about all realized that the American judicial system was corrupted by greed.  But America still was America and like any greedy or corrupt organization, we were able to minimize the negative impact.

But then things started to change around the 1970s:

In 1950, Washington D.C. had 1000 lawyers.  In 1975 it had 11,000.   By the mid-1990s, the
number of lawyers had ballooned to approximately 65,000.  By December 2009, the estimate had
grown to 80,000 representing over 15% of the entire population of Washington D.C.  

See:  America’s 2nd Declaration of Independance

Emboldened by it’s numbers in Washington and it’s dominance in the highest elected public offices, the judiciary, lawyers and judges, saw an unobstructed path to the total takeover of power in both the state and the Federal government.  By 1998, the takeover was complete and unequivocal:

AUGUST 17, 1998

But this takeover goes way back to February 24, 1803 at Philadelphia, Pa. when the seed was planted by none other than four lawyers/judges in the case Marbury v Madison

Since that date, Americans have been brasinwashed into thinking something that is not only Unconstitutional, but this perpetuated lie has been the root cause of the demise of American productivity, morals and the culture that was the backbone of America’s success and greatness.

The Supreme Court – The Big Lie

“nine people cannot create the law of the land or you have eliminated our freedom as a people.” – Abraham Lincoln


Thomas Jefferson disagreed with Marshall’s reasoning in Marbury v. Madison , saying that if this view of judicial power became accepted, it would be “placing us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”America is Now an Oligarchy

Here’s the latest article from The Blaze discussing America’s biggest lie…

Do You Know What the Founding Fathers Had to Say About the Judiciary?

Posted by David Barton on September 20, 2013

“The courts and the judiciary — it seems like they’re into everything today,” Barton began. “They have the final word in shaping our national policies on things from healthcare, to marriage.  From the right of personal self-protection to public religious expressions, and from criminal justice matters to military policy issues.   And we let them do it!”

Our founders explained, Barton said, that the judiciary “has no influence over either the sword or the purse; no direction either of the strength or of the wealth of society, and can take no active resolution whatever.  It may truly be said to have neither force nor will.”

In fact, they tell us that, “there is not a syllable in the plan [the Constitution] which directly empowers the national courts to construe the laws according to the spirit of the Constitution.”

Thomas Jefferson long ago warned the people of leaving the Constitution to be interpreted by those who may or may not agree with what it says.

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