The Disgrace That is The U.S ‘Supreme’ Court

Many posts have been dedicated here to the so called ‘Supreme’ Court of the United States.  Just go hereand you will understand why I suggest that The ‘Supreme Court’ is the Founders greatest mistake.   


The following two headlines though may just be the simplest way to understand that it is time indeed for a total Constitutional overhaul of the structure and the powers of this body.

‘Supreme Court hears ‘right to sodomy’ case’   (1)

‘Supreme Court refuses birther case, says they’d “outlaw stupidity” if they could’   (2)

No need for any ‘Constitutional Scholars’ to analyze this.  Let’s just let our own inferior minds, (after all most of  ‘We The People’ didn’t go to law school), take a look at this and see how our ‘untrained’ minds see it:

So these 9 lawyers think it’s just a smart thing for one man to put his penis in the asshole of another man for fun and excitement BUT it is very stupid to expect that THE most powerful man in the world and The President of the United States who is responsible for the lives of 300 million people, should have to prove to the Court and to the nation that he is a qualified candidate for highest office in the land.

The conclusion here is pretty obvious.  The only real ‘stupidity’ here is having a court made up of 9 lawyers that has the power to subjugate 300 million people to a mindset that thinks that sodomy is a ‘constitutional’ right, even though it is NOWHERE in The Constitution,  BUT vetting the President of The United States, which IS DEFINED in The Constitution, is stupid !!

Here’s an excerpt taken from 

America’s 2nd Declaration Of Independence

 We will abolish The Supreme Court in its present form and and reconstruct it under the spirit and guidance of The Constitution. 

In deference to The Creator, who is the only ‘Supreme’ decision maker, the name will be changed to ‘The High Court.’ 

The nine members will be distinct members of society including one doctor, one non-denominational preacher, one mother with children of school age, one father with children of school age, one scientist, one historian, one business person, one retired teacher, and one war veteran.  Each will serve one term of 6 years and will be selected by The President.

The High Court will no longer have the power of judicial review in cases concerning the Constitutionality of a law except as outlined herein:  It will have the duty to interpret the Constitutionality of a law but only prior to a new law being passed by the Congress.   At any juncture in the legislative process, The High Court will be obligated to review any pending legislation and if needed rewrite the law so that it meets with the approval of the Congress and is within the Constitutional parameters as they see it.

Any legislation that is necessary and that is found to be outside of the Constitutional parameters, will require a Constitutional Amendment.  Thus the Constitutionality of any new law is decided before the law is enacted.   There can be no challenge in any court.  

The only time The High Court can determine the Constitutionality of existing law is if and when a vote of Congress determines that an established law, whose constitutionally was reviewed prior to the establishment of The High Court, is in conflict with the national conscience.  

In the absence of a decision, The High Court may choose to select a Referendum, to be voted on in the next national election, as the means that would serve the people best in arriving at a final decision as to Constitutionality of existing law or pending new legislation.   

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