Believe in coincidences?  Well here's one to ponder:  Remember when the housing meltdown happened in 2008 and the 'government' in it's 'infinite wisdom' AND it's infinite 'knowledge and experience' in financial matters bailed out the banks because 'they didn't want the economy to collapse'…?

Well fast forward to today and and take a long look at this headline:

Big Banks Face $100 Billion Legal Tab!

You don't have to belong to Mensa to connect these dots:


Big Banks Face $100 Billion Legal Tab (And That's If They're Lucky)

Posted on March 29, 2013 by Mark Gongloff


You may think that being a too-big-to-fail bank is just one long, consequence-free romp, but it does come at some cost: an enormous and growing legal tab that will probably swell beyond $100 billion, all told.


Big banks around the world are probably looking at $100 billion in legal costs for all of the various lawsuits they're defending, covering misdeeds from the financial crisis to the Libor scandal, the Wall Street Journal guesstimates.

That may be too conservative. ….  read more


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