I'm sorry to have to break this to all those who revere The Constitution, but there needs to be a small edit in order to bring it into the 21st century.  No need for an amendment.  No need for a 'Supreme' Court decision.  No need for an ideological debate or special commission on The Federalist Papers. 

One simple word change is all that is needed to put to rest the confusion, misunderstanding and depression of the political scene in modern day America.   WeTheLawyers

Yes this great work of genius, The United States Constitution, has been relegated to just another ' contract '.  Remember when a contract was a document that meant something?  It defined an agreement between parties.  Now, it has become a document that has no validity or meaning until the lawyers can take it to court and argue ' what the words mean '.   And on any given day in any given courtroom, they can take on the meaning that the  lawyers and lawyer/judges want them to.   So  " constitutionality " is a test on the meaning of a law.  Well if the English language has no foundation and is up for interpretation, then The Constitution becomes a work of genius transformed into powerful vehicle to override the will of the people as and when needed by the privileged class that controls the interpretation and the special interest groups that support them.

(Sodomy is OK says The Supreme Court BUT displaying The Ten Commandments is "unconstitutional" !!)

Take a moment to think about the total control the PLC (Privileged Lawyer Class) has usurped through laws that control our freedoms while creating wealth for them.   Police, educators, parents, doctors, businessmen, manufacturers, creative minds and just the people who made America #1 in the world; they all operate ' under the thumbs ' of lawyers.  Americans now enjoy only those freedoms that lawyers, via lawsuits,  will allow.  The common misunderstanding is that lawsuits are brought by you and me.  The reality is that the majority of lawsuits are created and produced by lawyers who convince the average person that ' he is looking out for him '.    Like it or not, we have all become ' birds of prey ' and represent billable hours to the greed and indifference of a despicable group of so called professionals.
This greed and indifference has shown no respect or allegiance to anything
other than its self serving masters.  Our greatest document and the foundation of our country, The United States Constitution,  is being manipulated and destroyed by this treasonous agenda.  We must stop this before it is too late.

                   When the foundation weakens, the walls crack.
            When the foundation collapses, the walls collapse with it..

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