The Taking of America

The good news is we had the good fortune to grow up and live in what could be called the ‘Golden Age of America.’   The bad news, it didn’t end, it was stolen away. 

The Golden Age of America didn’t end abruptly, it was chiseled away over a few decades beginning in the 1960s.  Not by liberals or progressives or any other group of ideologues.  The ever increasing cracks in America’s foundation have been the making of a group motivated by Mother Nature’s second most powerful force; greed. 

As the 60’s spawned a revolution in morality and ideology unacceptable to American ideals, those that promoted this anti-American agenda realized that their cause was in direct conflict with the Christian ethics and morality inherent in and represented by the Law of the Land; The United States Constitution.  In order to achieve any semblance of success, they had to pierce the armor and dissect the soul of the founding fathers vision and the greatest document ever produced in the civilized world.  And there was only one group that could do it and they were more than willing to accept the ’30 pieces of silver.’

ABA-CongressIn 1950, Washington D.C. had 1000 lawyers.  In 1975 it had 11,000.   By the mid-1990s, the number of lawyers had ballooned to approximately 65,000.  By December 2009, the estimate had grown to 80,000 representing over 15% of the entire population of Washington D.C. and occupying about 85% of the highest offices and positions in ALL three branches of the federal government.

 “If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?” –Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography,  1821.


The United States of America

  Of the Lawyers, By The Lawyers,
& For The Lawyers…

– The Facts –

You can call them anything you like. Call them Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Independents, Politicians, Judges, Congressman, Senators, Legislators, Public Servants, etc. But the one fact and common denominator remains; they are all (with few exceptions) lawyers!
Anyway you do the math. America is now ruled 100% by LAWYERS!

Lawyers represent 3/10th of 1 percent of the population yet have an 80% representation in our government.  Translation: The taxation of 99.997% of the American people is created, implemented, controlled, and enforced by .003 percent of the people, indeed a privileged class.  more… 

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  • Vella Joyner Marshall

    We may all need a lawyer at one time or another! It used to be a respected profession until greed and politics took over!! Now we are inundated with them everywhere, medicine, government, insurance, all asserting their “expertise” and talking points until everyone is agreeing that right is wrong and wrong is right????? THERE IS STILL RIGHT AND WRONG IN OUR SOCIETY! CRIMINALS should be punished, stealing is matter wWHO does it, murder is a criminal act..stop giving excuses that we can “find a reason” for someones criminal behavior!!

  • Eric Rhodes

    I disbarred a thief who stole 86% of a personal injury settlement by an attorney who had won big dollar claims in personal injury case’s, but he was a thief, it was published four times locally, and then it hit the AP, and from there, who knows?

    That man is now not only disbarred for life, he’s a convicted felon, and his former friends have all but disappeared as he’s bad news…to be around if your practicing law that is. Funny how a single disbarment can affect ones former social life.

    I then made a demand on the State Bar on this offenders legal malpractice insurance, and they told me to sue the State Bar, strange legal advise from the BAR, probably a not good idea with me, and guess what? I did, if you said no way, you’d be wrong!

    It took 4 years of my time here on Earth to do so, and I got a great education I never wanted about how deep the corruption goes, and it goes so far as to try and protect even a disbarred attorney after he’s been thrown under the bus by his own BAR. Must have forgotten to pay his dues, I mean,.. what else could it be? Hmmm…It seems to be that one can get away with a lot if your membership is paid in full. Jus’ sayin’..



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