Believe it or not, the GLOOG movement started with The Original 13th Amendment way back around 1777.   I have known and written about this since I inaugurated the GLOOG website in 2009.   But what I didn't know and just recently read about was how the lawyers started their takeover of the new Republic before the ink was even dried on The Constitution!

Every American should read “Treason!” This book is a wealth of knowledge and truth behind the founding of the United States Government and the usurping of Constitutional power by lawyers and other politicians. Ralph Boryszewski, 95, is a retired police officer, scholar and the director of the Foundation For Rights in Rochester, New York. Available for the first time in wide-distribution, this book will become an eye-opening experience for all who read it.

And I thought I knew what was needed to know about the lawyer takeover of America.  Here Mr. Boryszewski goes back to the very beginning of America and details the events that inaugurated the lawyer Oligarchy that now rules over our country.

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