Now we're talking!  Here's a real American the way Americans use to be.  Steven Crowder was punched out by union thugs in Michigan.  Instead of fighting back and getting possibly beat to death by the many willing union thugs, he took the punches and has now issued an ultimatum to the guy;  Either fight me fair and square or go to jail.

Now what makes this so exceptional is that Crowder is not relying on the lawyer culture to exact punishment on this thug, he's being a real man.  Remember 'The Marlboro Man?'  Well it could be argued that he was the first casualty by the homosexual community to rid America of masculinity and replace it with their perverted 'touchy feely' existence.

OK.  I'm getting off the subject but think about it what has 'gone down' since the Marlboro man was banished from the culture…

Anyway, kudos for Steven Crowder for showing us that there is a better and more respectable way to fight our battles than to run to the lawyers every time we have a problem.  Here's the story and the videos.

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Steven Crowder challenges union thug, gives ultimatum to MMA fight or jail

Posted by Tony Lee on December 12, 2012 at Breitbart

Hours after pro-union protesters assaulted conservative Fox News contributor Steven Crowder at a Tuesday rally against Michigan's historic right-to-work legislation, Crowder went on Fox's "Hannity" show with an unusual challenge for his attacker.

Crowder gave an ultimatum to the man who punched him in the face: come forward and face jail time or face him in a mixed martial arts (MMA) match. 

"You can come forward, I'll press charges, you'll go to jail," Crowder said. "Or, since you wanted to cheap-shot me, we can host a bout in a sanctioned, legalized MMA competition."

Referencing the fund that has been set up to find the perpetrators, Crowder said the winner of the MMA battle will get the money to donate to the charity or union of his choice.

"Face me like a man," Crowder taunted, adding that he was "easy to find."


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