Every honest person recognizes that Joe Biden is the Buffoon-In-Chief.    People who are not paid to lie for others recognize that during the VP Debate, Joe Biden was as arrogant, as obnoxious and as disrespectful as it gets on a national stage or otherwise.  

But Joe Biden, like most of his compatriots, has a legitimate excuse.  He is first and foremost a lawyer.  And most people who have had experience with a lawyer or a judge knows that this is the way they are. 

So the question is; why is it that this group of 'professionals' are so identified with arrogance. lying and a 'greater than thou' disposition? 

The simple answer of course is 'because they are'!   But why is it so prevalent among lawyers to posses such a  narcissistic personality.  One where lying and deceit are common tools in their quest for power and money.   Not that many regular people are exempt from using them, but among the lawyer class, lying and deceit rules the day, every day and it is so obvious that it is easily recognized by the general public. 

To find the answer let's look at an age old problem solver that we first learned of in 8th grade Algebra; the common denominator

Common Denominator #1:  Law School.

Common Denominator #2:  Lies and deceit, aka 'Smoke and Mirrors' , are tools of the courtroom and legal arena and are a prerequisite to earning the recognition as a 'good lawyer' among peers and the general nonthinking public. 

'It's interesting, isn't it?  If we witness lies in the courtroom, it's perjury, a serious crime.  When it comes to defense attorneys, however, it seems there are no rules.'  (read more)

Common Denominator #3:  Lawyers, Judges and Lawyer/Politicians have exempted themselves from any kind of legal punishment for their discretions.  And with this understanding, they go full throttle ahead with lies and deceit knowing that they alone can utilize these lethal weapons against their opponents. 

Common Denominator #4:  Whereas the 'common people' are fired from their job or imprisoned, lawyers are rewarded with money and power and recognition* for the same kind of despicable behavior and in the end, this impunity is key in keeping them in control of, well everything..

*A lethargic and brainwashed public has elevated lying and deceiving lawyers and even politicians to star status even though their despicable actions have destroyed any resemblance of truth and justice in the American courtroom.    (Does the name Bill Clinton and Johnny Cochran come to mind?)  (read more)

Common Denominator #5: Lawyers are now in control of all three branches of State and Federal governments.  They literally play a deciding role in every thing we are permitted or not permitted to do in every aspect of our lives every day of the week and every week of the year.   And as is well know;  "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…"

So there it is.  'Uncle Joe' was just being himself Wednesday night.  And if you're not convinced yet, check out this little endorsement for Joe Biden's actions at the debate.  Of course it is directly opposite of the nation's take because it comes from one of Biden's brothers in lies:

"This trial lawyer is damn proud of Joe Biden"

(Actually, I could have stopped simply with this quote.  After all, what need is there to explain any further when the least respected person and generally the scum of your society is proud of someone??)

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