The book is titled 'The Death of Right and Wrong' by Tammy Bruce.  It is one of the best books I've read evidenced by the seemingly endless highlights made.  And how appropriate for a book with this title to have as it's last chapter; 'The Injustice System'. 

Besides her brilliant expose on the 'Left Elite' for their never ending efforts to destroy America and our culture, Ms. Bruce fires direct hits at the enablers of the anti-American Left, the lawyers and judges.  Here's just a few of the 'salvos':

  • Trials are no longer about freeing the innocent, punishing the guilty, and making restitution to the injured. They have evolved into a contest over who will win.

  • What disgusts us is a generation of lawyers and judges who are dedicated foot soldiers in the war against our country's principles.   cont'd…

  • In order for the malignant narcissists to advance their agenda, they must remove morality from the law, or replace it with false reality. 

  • Conditioned by their time and educated by the leftist who had wrested control of the academy, many of today's lawyers and judges are unable or unwilling to allow true morality and ethics to guide the actions and decision-making processes.  This is one way to transform the system from within: to make morality irrelevant simply by banning it. This is not so difficult for many of these people.  Keep in mind how morally vacuous malignant narcissists really all are.  It's just silly to expect them to advance concepts that benefit society as a whole (like decency and fairness), ahead of their debased agenda of making society mirror their own immorality.

  • Today, a “vigorous defense” includes lying.  It includes deliberately misleading juries.  It includes not just defending a client and doing everything possible to get him released – even when the lawyer knows the client is guilty.

  • It's interesting, isn't it?  If we witness lies in the courtroom, it's perjury, a serious crime.  When it comes to defense attorneys, however, it seems there are no rules.

  • Believing a person deserves a defense is not the same as doing everything in your power to get him off Scott free.

  • When did defending the accused before a jury devolve into attempting to deceive the jury on behalf of the accused?  When did the right to a defense turn into a sport where lawyers count “wins,” where getting a client off, regardless of guilt, became the goal?  It is with the death of right and wrong that these became paramount and eclipsed fairness and justice itself.

  • No regrets, no shame, no guilt. No responsibility?  No conscience?  Lawyers manage to ignore the implications of their own egregious behavior by claiming that if it works and a fiend is let out on the street to kidnap, rape, and murder another, it's because someone else “messed up.”

  • The benefits of being depraved.  In January 2002 a California prison inmate received a new heart in a transplant operation that eventually cost the taxpayers nearly $1 million. Has our politically correct society gone so far as to guarantee convicts a level of healthcare superior to what the average law-abiding Joe can afford? The infuriating answer in a topsy-turvy world is yes.

  • While the US Supreme Court has effectively created a right to high-end health care for prisoners, the irony is that there is no equivalent right for law abiding citizens.  In fact, because of the absurd interpretation in 1995 that translated the 1976 Court's “decent” health care into extraordinary measures, you're more likely to get top-quality health care if you go out and rob a bank right now.  Forget about working hard, respecting the law, supporting your family, raising your kids.  Our justice system has determined that you – the decent, law abiding citizen – count for less than a thief, rapist, or murderer.

  • When the courts decide that murderers, rapists, and others who maliciously break our social contract deserve healthcare that most working Americans can't afford, they are condemning good people to death.

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