Gibson paid $2.4M in legal fees, then cleared by DOJ

WARNING: Get your barf bag ready for this one.

It doesn’t matter whether you are  guilty or not guilty.  There is only one thing that matters in ‘The Lawyer Rackets’, aka America’s ‘Legal System’ and that is BILLABLE HOURS.

As discussed before in ‘The Protection Rackets’ & Malpractice, and Best Speech Ever to ‘The Bar’ lawyers have now made extortion legal as long as you are a member of the

The American Bar Association: The Largest Organized Crime Syndicate in American History.

They are pathetic, sickening, disgusting, greedy, unpatriotic, criminal, soulless; pick your adjective, there are hundreds that apply to these greedy narcissists; ‘the lawyer class’.   There are so many examples of this extortion racket paid into by everyday hard working Americans that the total can not be calculated.  Suffice it to say that there are now, in America, over 15 million lawsuits filed annually.  That works out to one new lawsuit every two seconds!

We’re all familiar with the word ‘parasites.’  In today’s legal system, the players are mostly parasites.   They suck the blood from Americans everyday.  In fact the only guarantee in the American legal system is that these parasites will suck blood from the hosts.   The parasites are the lawyers, the hosts are Americans seeking  justice, and the ‘sucking blood’ is known as ‘billable hours.’   And of course the ‘blood’ they are after is MONEY – NOT JUSTICE…

The latest is with Gibson Guitar.  This video is indeed UNBELIEVABLE on many fronts; that is of course if you disregard the fact that the government is run by lawyers, the courts are run by lawyers, the DOJ is ALL lawyers and the Gibson defense team is ALL lawyers.  Starting to see the picture?

One point in this video sticks out that underscores why these parasites can survive as they continue to ‘kill the host’.    At around 4 minutes into the video, Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars, tells Huckabee about the $2.4 million dollars in legal fees he had to pay.    Instead of drawing attention to this outrageous $2.4 million dollar extortion, Huckabee passes right over it.  Instead of being outraged and calling out these criminal lawyers for ‘extorting’ this money, Huckabee jokes that ‘it’s a lot of guitars’… This shows just how brainwashed America is into accepting this out of control ‘bloodsucking’ by The Lawyers Rackets that now operate openly with impunity.

The Capone Syndicate were Boy Scouts compared to the ABA


Here’s the video:

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