In presenting his thoughts before the Florida Supreme Court, John Larson Shudlick was brief and to the point.  A year earlier he wasn’t so brief but still on target when he gave the best speech ever to the  American Bar Association in Washington.   These speeches took place years ago but they are even more relevant today.

Mr. Shudlick is currently running for State representative in Florida House District 79.  (Here)

Attorney Jon Shudlick delivered a scathing address to the American Bar Association, putting the corrupt legal profession in proper perspective.

This is a letter by John Larson Shudlick presented before the Florida Supreme Court on Monday, April 5, 1993 in opposition to the anti-discrimination proposal of the Florida bar anti-discrimination hearing

You’ll be meditatively promote a two-tier system of justice in Florida: one set of rules for you and your cronies in the Bar Association; another set of rules stacked squarely against the interests of the people you pretend to serve and an unambiguous violation of your sworn oaths as judges.
The divorce industry you oversea turns middle-class American housewives into bag ladies; the ex- husbands into nonproductive vagrants. In his profession and its staff that profits handsomely from the misery of the families destroyed.
By yet tacit approval of your just a system, you have become that the files of wisdom, the destroyers of the Spirit and of fornicators of the truth. Like the dinosaur, you and your corrupt system stand at the precipice of extinction.
You’re in action identifies you Justices as being, “of counsel” in the law firm of Luke, rape, pillage, steel, doubletalk, draw down and rip off. You are the board of directors of the new despotism. You profit handsomely from the destruction of our republic, while way of life, our principles of jurisprudence and our people.
You are the enablers and allies increasingly hostile and criminal government system. When the people have had enough, they will lose cost you and yours onto the scrapheap of judicial history where you belong.
The deeper the keel of a sailing vessel, the more stable it will be in a hurricane. This “criminal justice system” is steering a rudderless rap, leaking like a sieve with the destination of hell.
Have a nice day –   signed John Larson Shudlick


The following is the text of a speech given by Jon Larsen Shudlick, an attorney from Boynton Beach, Florida, before the American Bar Association in Washington on December 12, 1992. Shudlick announced his resignation from the bar association, and stated his reasons.

The American Bar Association:

The Largest Organized Crime Syndicate in American History.

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