1,2,3 strikes and your out!

It’s time that we replace these lawyers in black robes with men and women with experience and wisdom; in white robes!   And by the way, it will be Constitutional!

Anyone around then or ever read about the ‘Supreme’ Court on June 25, 1962?

Anyone around then or ever read about the ‘Supreme’ Court on Jan. 22, 1973?

It sure does seem that I am the only person aware of those two dates when I watch the nation react in disbelief  to the news yesterday about the disastrous Health Care decision by The ‘Supreme’ Court.  I too watched in disbelief but it was disbelief at how utterly naive and ignorant the media, the ‘experts’, and the America public has become in this ‘Age Of Lawyers.’




June 25, 1962:  A nation watches in shock as The ‘Supreme Court rules that prayer in school is “unconstitutional.”  A slap in the face by 7 lawyers in black robes against the 200 year culture of a nation and the dreams and aspirations of the men who indeed wrote The Constitution. ( Here)

January 22, 1973:  A nation watches in shock as The ‘Supreme Court rules that it is “constitutional” for a ‘mother’ to kill a baby before it is born just because she so chooses; no other reason is needed.  A legalized death sentence by 7 lawyers in black robes to the most innocent of God’s children, the unborn baby.  Since then, over 50 MILLION babies have been killed!

And here we are in 2012.  So someone please tell me how and why anyone could be shocked or even surprised at a decision coming from 5 lawyers in black robes?   After their past history does anyone with living brain cells still believe that these lawyers in black robes, be they on the ‘Supreme’ Court or any other court, care at all about America or the American people?

How many examples do Americans have to experience before they wake up and see that these judges are merely lawyers with black robes and like regular lawyers, they are the law and they are the Constitution!

“It’s not what the people decide it’s what the lawyers decide.    It’s not what The Constitution says, it’s what the lawyers say it says when they need it to say it” – FWH – follow that?

Of The Lawyers  –  By The Lawyers  –  For The Lawyers

They tell you what to do, when you can do it and how you can do it.  They control every aspect of your life and American culture and government through their political dominance in public office and their kingdoms in the courthouses of America.

What’s wrong with this picture?  See any doctors here?
America’s Health Care Law – Created – Written and signed by Lawyers…

By nature and training and by their control of all three branches of American government, they feel they are superior to ‘the average person’  and have every right to make any and all decisions for us.   AND THEY DO.

Does anyone still believe that they have representation in Washington D.C.?    Before you answer, take a look at how many lawyers are in our nations capital.  The numbers tell the story.  The only group of people that are represented in Washington is The American Bar Association.

In 1950, the nation’s capital had 1000 lawyers; in 1975, 11,000.   By the mid-1990s, the number had ballooned to approximately 65,000.  By December 2009, the estimate had grown to 80,000.  This represents that over 15% of Washington D.C. are lawyers.  Starting to see the picture?

So before they completely destroy our God given nation, we need to revolt and once again declare our independence from tyranny, this time the tyranny is not a King but an Oligarchy made up of a special privileged class who have anointed themselves as our rulers.

‘We are the now the shepherds and you are now the sheep’

See Message from Our Masters

And by the way, for all of the legal experts, academics and those who think I’m crazy about replacing lawyer/judges with experienced and knowledgeable citizens; there is no where in OUR Constitution where it says that the ‘Supreme’ Court, or any court in America, must have judges who are lawyers.

But then again, The Constitution of The United States of America is only what the lawyers say it is, so it really doesn’t matter – does it ?


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