The Tree of Injustice

“If we live 10,000 lifetimes we will not be able to prune this tree of injustice” – Philip K. Howard-
“We must concentrate on the ‘roots’ and start digging…” – F.W. Houraney –

Not to worry.  This conversation will not even attempt to start listing examples of the injustices in America.  They say that there are ‘a million stories in the naked city.”   Well each year in America there are a million heartbreaking, bankrupting and even suicidal stories of injustice in America, one worse than the the other…

One such devastating story illustrates the kind of injustice that comes out of our courtrooms on a daily basis in a country ruled by lawyers and lawyers with black robes on.  The story is Attorneys Above The Law by Dennis Schuelke. Read it and you will thank God if you happen to be one of the lucky ones who never had to experience America’s System of Justice Lawyers.

But how could this be in the “land of laws?”   Simply; we are no longer a land of laws but a land of lawyers. America has 70% of the world’s lawyers!  One for every 250 Americans, whereas in most countries it’s around one for every 24,000 citizens!

The sad and destructive reality of this lawyer invasion in America is that they have to generate business to support their ever growing and greedy population. So, in case you are looking for an experienced lawyer who can help you solve your legal problem, for example, compensation for workplace injury, contact New York construction accident lawyer.  And the result of this is millions of unnecessary laws and regulations that don’t protect people, while there are many others that do require help and protection in case of injury or wrongful death of a love one, so the use of a New York wrongful death attorney is the best in these cases.’

Here’s the latest sad statistics that leave no doubt that we are no longer The Land of The Free, we are now The Land of Lawyers.

  • 15 million lawsuits will be filed in 2011 across the U.S.
  • A new lawsuit every 2 seconds
  • One lawsuit for every 12 adults
  • 21 U.S. states are facing a medical liability crisis
  • $248.1 billion = the cost to the U.S. tort system (personal injury) in 2009, or $808 per person
  • The cost per capita of tort related lawsuits has increased 800% between 1950 to 2009


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  • Tatersalad

    The Communist Party of America, (C.P.A.) endorses Barack Obama for re-election. I wonder why?

  • It is beyond time to wake up and communicate the massive corrosion lawyers have done and are doing to this nation. Sadly, most Americans pass off this notion as if it were just another lawyer joke.

    I fear this nation will not survive much longer with lawyer mentality at the helm. Proof is all around us. The tree of injustice needs attention all right. . . the question is whether or not enough people will wake up before this nation is sunk in unscrupulous litigious litigation and while unethical perpetrators pose as leaders.

    The masters of deceit have destroyed this once great nation.



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