This prophetic book was published in 1997 and is the Bible for all who recognize the cancer that is destroying America.

Sammy Sorrell – National Director For United Citizens For Legal Reform, does a complete and masterful job of exposing in great detail how this cancer has managed to consume the American government and American culture.

Sorrell leaves no stone unturned in answering how and why America is no longer The Land of The Free but has become The Land of Lawyers who control every aspect of our lives.

Their dominance of the Judiciary did not satisfy them.  With the help of an apathetic and gullible electorate, lawyers have managed to take over the legislature and the Executive branches of local, state and the Federal government.

America is now governed by The Lawyer Class.  Once a great Republic, America is now an Oligarchy ruled over by the most inept class  of deceitful narcissistic people ever to hold office.

The results are obvious to anyone paying attention.  As Mr. Sorrell says, this ‘Parasitical Culture of Lawyers are Destroying America.’

‘Depressing but Enlightening” – “Sad but True”  are but a few ways to describe this book.  It should be read by ALL because more than anything else it is a wake up call to everyone who loves this country and wants the truth and the answers no one else has the courage to expose.

The cancer that has spread throughout America for decades will soon become fatal unless the tumor is finally exposed and removed.  This book exposes this tumor better than any before or since. GLOOG is the surgical tool to remove it.

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Please read this book and Take Back Your Country & spread the word to all you can.

Thank You
F.William Houraney


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