The Devil’s Advocate: The ABA – Case Closed.

The American Electorate?

Anyone out there who denies that lawyers are the ‘tumor’ of the ‘American Cancer’  either doesn’t care or has their head in the sand.    The more evidence that is unveiled the more shocking it becomes just how fast this cancer is spreading and how very lethal it is.   And yet all we do is keep putting band aids on these cancerous lesions as they keep growing and multiplying. 24/7 on every media for well over 3 decades; they all discuss the symptoms but not one of them ever discusses the disease!

What’s even more shocking is how this cancer is spreading right before our eyes and yet it is totally disregarded!   This blindness, ignorance and total lack of resolve on the part of the American people to stop this deadly attack on their country is almost unexplainable.     Would we allow our doctor to proscribe medicine that increases the problem and then keep going back for more?  Would we keep paying an employee who continues to bankrupt our company?   Would we allow a serial killer to run free knowing his name and where he lives?   The analogies are endless.

Ever wonder how this great country, built and prospered on the Judeo-Christian foundation, became so anti-Christian in our government and public places?

Well you need wonder no more, you’re about to find out the answer and the evidence is irrefutable and the ‘defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.’

In his latest book, ‘Rules for Conservatives’ Michael Charles Master reveals a shocking piece of evidence that sets the record straight and all but establishes the beginning of the The Lawyer Class takeover and destruction of our country:

… the contemporary assault on Christianity began with a little noticed brochure from the American Bar Association in May 1989 advertising a seminar for “… attorneys who want to be on the leading edge of an explosive  Area of law” — suing churches, Christian leaders and Christian activists.   The seminar was entitled: “Expanding use of tort law against religions.”

From 1946 until 1965 the battle was waged almost entirely from within the citadels of public education as the American Civil Liberties Union was drafted by the utopians in the American Bar Association to carry the separation of church and state banner in the battle against God in the courtrooms…

This quote was by Dr. Gregory Compson writing in his book ‘giving aid and comfort to the enemy.’

“America, once a strong Christian nation, was a beacon of light to the world, but has been invaded by traitors against God, family, and nation. This enemy that is within is rotting the nation internally…”

Let me add that it is deliberate and that the courts are complicit.  They have deliberately moving America away from Judeo-Christian base values in favor of an erosion of values.

John 5:36; “doing the work of the one who sent me.”

Indeed; “doing the work of the one who sent me.”   And as ‘far out’ as it may sound, we need only consider who/what would be in defiance of Christianity or the Lord Jesus.   Who’s interest would it be to rid the world of the greatest religion known to man?    Who’s actions and agenda are in direct conflict with God, love and The Golden Rule?   Not a very hard question to answer for anyone who knows about the eternal battle of good versus evil and the war waged since the beginning for a man’s soul.

The answer is obvious and is illustrated brilliantly in the movie ‘Devil’s Advocate’:

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