The Ten Commandments.   A simple list of laws that served as foundation of civilized society for thousands of years; that is until American lawyers and judges decided that since God was not a member of the Bar, these Commandments are not valid as moral or civil law.  And now the latest arrogance by America’s Lawyer Class.   Since they now have total control of America’s laws and culture, they now can decide which Commandments suit their agenda and which ones do not.

Federal Judge Michael Urbanski has offered a compromise.  He suggested scrapping the first four commandments and leaving just the final six.  Urbanski suggested that could resolve the dispute since the first four Commandments directly refer to mankind’s relationship to God and the final six concern mankind’s relationship to creation, other people, and things. …(read more)

Yes, once again The Lawyer Class is offering a “compromise”.   The kind of compromise that has all but eliminated Christianity from our nations government and brought American culture to levels on par with the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah.   The kind of compromise that has been rapidly dismantling the greatest nation in world history for the last 40 years.

Talk about arrogance gone mad!  The audacity of even espousing that your ‘law school’ opinion is more relevant or credible than even God’s Ten Commandments!

How much longer are the American people going to put up with this ruling class of power hungry narcissistic creatively challenged soulless people?   They better wake up soon before there’s not much to wake up for…




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