Bravo to One of the ‘Good Guys’

Her name is Dr. Orly Taitz.   She is a dentist and she is a lawyer.  To the ‘enemedia’ she is called ‘The Birther Queen.’   At GLOOG she is called one of  ‘The Good Guys’ .

In opposition to the true character of Americas lawyer class, Dr. Ortiz travels around the country in a selfless effort to support the integrity of our Constitution.

She is running for the US Senate in California.  Of course GLOOG can not endorse any lawyer that runs for public office, there can be no exceptions , not even for the good guys.  Once one hole is opened, the flood gates will collapse…

Dr. Ortiz does need our support in her efforts to expose the truth about ‘The Muslim President.’ Please check out the story at Orly Taitz’s Crusade to Challenge President Obama’s Legitimacy and suport her at the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.

Bravo Dr. Orly Taitz.  All patriots wish you Good Health & God Speed.

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  • Archie

    She really is one of the truely good guys. I would vote for her if I lived in Kaly4niA but I don’t so I’ll send her some money to help her along the way.
    I wish we had more of these lawyers that would stand up for this country and do what’s right for a change.



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