How dare he suggest that America’s lawyers give up their total control? God Bless Newt Gingrich. That’s right, a major political figure has finally called on the dismantling of the Oligarchy (here) established by the lawyers class over the last 4 decades.

I Love this man.   He could have more baggage than a 747 but he is the one who understands the realities behind the major domestic and foreign issues of the day.  And this clear understanding along with his advantage of not being a lawyer,  allows him to actually create solutions to these problems instead of just ‘baffling the jury/electorate with smoke and mirrors.’  he is just the kind of leadership America has lacked since Mr. Reagan.

In this refreshingly ‘relevant’ media piece by Megyn Kelly over at Fox News, you will here Newt expound on the judicial takeover of the American government and culture.  Of course “Fair and Balanced” had to include the oppositions side and take a wild guess who it was!   Would you ever have imagined that the lawyers disagree???

Kudos to Megyn Kelley (a lawyer) for doing such a great job on such an important issue.  Kinda reminds you of the old days when the media had credibility…

Click on the link below to see the piece and pay close attention to the inspired logic of Newt Gingrich in the video.

And this is Newt at his best in the Iowa Republican Debate on December 15. 2011.   Megyn Kelley questions him on the criticism from conservative AGs. on his stance to remove the 9th circuit as well as justices who don’t follow the Constitution. He responds very strong:


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