OK.  This could be the easiest question of the year, but let’s ask it anyway:

What’s wrong with this picture of the ‘Supercommittee’?

The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, colloquially referred to as the ‘Supercommittee’,

Patty Murray – Top Contributor-Lawyers/Law Firms -$831,252 / Max Baucus – Stanford Law School / John Kerry – Boston College Law School

James Clyburn – Top Contributor-Lawyers/Law Firms $216,195 / Xavier Becerra – Stanford Law School / Chris Van Hollen- Georgetown University Law Center

Jeb Hensarling – U.of Texas Law School / Dave Camp- U of San Diego San Diego Scool of Law / Fred Upton – BA Journalism

John Kyle – Cumberland University Law School / Patrick Toomey – AB Government / Rob Portman – University of Michigan Law School

Happen to see any businessmen, economists or accountants etc.?

Between the following two realities, I don’t know which is more unbelievable.  First, that Americans keep voting  lawyers into office.  For decades we have seen their incompetence.  And it is a well known fact that most lawyers have no real life experience in most of the areas that we want them to make decisions for us in.   Second,  Not ONE, let me repeat that, NOT ONE major news media outlet, cable or network, has reported on this 800 pound elephant in the room!

Only on the Internet is there any reference to this ‘cancer on America.’  And then only GLOOG and a few others report and expose this tumor:

GLOOG is the ‘surgeon among interns’ when it comes  to blogging about American politics.  Whereas all others daily report about the symptoms of the cancer and the temporary treatments, GLOOG identifies the ‘tumor’ and offers a surprisingly simple antidote: VOTE & GLOOG

The latest example of this media incompetence/negligence is the ‘Supercommittee.’   Look at the photo above.   How ridiculous is it that you have no one with any real financial experience on the most important financial committee of the century?  Instead of a committee that is representative of the people,  3/4 of them are lawyers.  And yet there is no reporting or exposing by ANY media of this travesty of our Republic.

How bad is this modern American media?   One can only conclude that if all of a sudden there was a epidemic of  hens dying everyday that the media would be talking about structure of the hen house instead of the wolves guarding it…   Frankly, in a world where competence is a job requirement, most of the TV hosts and pundits who are getting paid all that money each week would be fired or maybe even arrested for stealing when they pick up their paychecks on Friday…

So this incompetent committee failed in their mission.  No one was surprised.  But it wasn’t about politics.  Just like the rest of the incompetent government,  it is all about the inept ego serving lawyers that you have elected and that have taken total control.

Bankrupting America – Thank You Lawyers &     Bankrupting America – Part 2

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