In America today there are 1,180,386 lawyers.  In our nation, 1 in every 200 adults is a lawyer.  If the 535 members of Congress were truly representative of the American people, its numbers would include only three lawyers.  But it is not.  Instead today Congress has 213 lawyers. But the problem does not stop there. In our three branches of government 100% of the Judicial Branch, our Supreme Court, are lawyers; 100% of the Executive Branch, our President, is a lawyer; and 46% of the Legislative Branch, the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, are lawyers. So although lawyers are a surprisingly large one-half percent of our population, they are responsible for running an even more stunning 82% of our government.

American Bar Association – National headquarters

Home of The President – American Bar Association

The last time the Senate passed a budget was April 29, 2009.

  • Passing a yearly budget is a fundamental responsibility of Congress established by law.

But then again we now realize that America is no longer a ‘Land of Laws’ but is now a ‘Land of Lawyers.’   Because they now control not only the Judiciary, but the Legislative and the Executive Branches.  Any laws on the books and/or proposed, are now subject to their interpretation and application as dictated by their own interests as the ruling privileged class.

Thomas Jefferson warned in 1809, if we allowed  the Judiciary and lawyers to control the law instead of the people, we will become an Oligarchy.  It took over 200 years, but this warning has come to fruition, America is now indeed an Oligarchy.

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