Is this really news?:  New Report Exposes Cozy Relationship Between State Attorneys General and Trial Lawyers

The Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute released a troubling report Tuesday on the unholy alliance between individual state attorneys general across the country and the plaintiffs’ bar. CLP Director James Copland writes of the troubling findings in the “Trial Lawyers Inc.” report:

“State AGs make possible the payment of windfall fees to their allies in the plaintiffs’ bar, whose lawyers in turn gratefully fill the officials’ campaign coffers with a share of their easily obtained cash.”

Did they really spend money on a report to come to this conclusion?  Hey guys over at The Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute, just check out GLOOG once in a while and you will save a lot of time and money.  You can start here: It’s Their Game & They Make the Rules.                 Now check this guy out:

This ‘man’ is a real icon in the Scum of America Club.   After exposing the State Attorney – Trial Lawyers scam, the article goes on to detail the Class Action Frauds, chief among them the massive Tobacco Industry Class Action ‘Extortion’ cases brought by Scum of America trial lawyers like Scruggs above.

For most Americans who were brainwashed into thinking that the Tobaccco Industry was the bad guy, this article is a real eye opener..  Here’s a little factoid that may spark your interest:

In just the Florida Tobacco Law Suits alone, not counting all of the states where class actions against Tobacco companies were filed;  At the end of the day after the dust settled and the ‘settlements’ were defined, the lawyers hired by the State of Florida**  walked away with the most generous fees ever earned extorted by any trial lawyers before.

One way to understand the enormity of these fees is by relating the amount to a lottery.  So here it is:  In order get the amount of money that the lawyers walked away with, YOU would have to hit the SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR  Lottery EVERY WEEK FOR TEN YEARS!!!   Add it up and read on…

** the lawyers hired by the State of Florida:  Think about the billions of dollars of ‘lawyers fees’ the State of Florida could have saved by doing a very simple thing that would have avoided all the time and money on these lawsuits and in the end would have added even more money to Florida’s coffers.

The Florida Tobacco Lawsuits resulted in the tobacco companies adding about $2.00 to each pack of cigarettes to cover the enormous cost of the lawyers and the litigation.  The State of Florida could have avoided the years of lawsuits and simply added an additional $2.00 sales tax to each pack.  This would have equaled the amount the Tobacco companies had to add to each pack to pay for the lawyers and the ‘settlement.’

The State would have ended up with more revenue and the smoker would have paid the same increase for a pack of cigarettes.   But then again, the lawyers would have made nothing and since they are in control of the State House, this could have never happened…

Here’s the complete article at The Blaze:

New Report Exposes Cozy Relationship Between State Attorneys General and Trial Lawyers









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