He compared the lawyers who were trying to save his life to “tree huggers” who leave a tree to die of disease in a forest rather than allow it to be cut down by loggers. “It’s probably breaking so many hearts to have to come in here over and over and over when we need to take care of this. You know, we need to put this to sleep,” he said.

Seeking to end the lengthy process of appeals and delays that have postponed his execution–recently set for Aug. 16 before the latest delay–the 49-year-old convicted killer is asking a judge in Salem to clear the state to proceed with the lethal injection that will end his life.

That’s right. This convicted killer has some conscience left to want to end his life to avoid further heartbreak to those who he has already harmed.   But the lawyers and judges will not allow it!   The want more tests and more hearings, even after he was convicted and sentenced 30 years ago!!

What can I say that hasn’t been said here before:  Shame on ‘Us’.

His defense lawyers, the judge and the state Supreme Court judges all have ‘ordered’ further test and hearings.  Ane what does this accomplish?  ALL TOGETHER NOW:   “BILLABLE HOURS”

That’s right, a conscience is all but eradicated upon graduating law school.  It is not about justice, it is not about closure for the victims families, it is not about any rights for anyone including the murderer – it is all about billable hours and rejuvenating the revenue stream that makes being a lawyer and or a judge one of the highest paid professions in America.

A lawyer is indeed one of the highest paid jobs requiring the very least amount of intelligence or talent.  (There are so many famous examples, ‘evidence’ to support this that this requires a separate post to expose – stand by.)   Also a lawyer not only does not guarantee his work, but it is the only profession where (unlike doctors and malpractice), there is no recourse if they totally fail at the job.  (you have to take your complaint to other lawyers!)  And most of the time you are required to pay a ‘retainer’ up front even before they spend any of their precious time on you.  (You know, just in case they totally blow it from the get go they still have your money; and try to get it back…)

So we welcome Gary Haugen’s lawyers, the trial judge and the state Supreme Court judges to the ever growing membership in the “Scum of America Club

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