Of course Stuart Barney ‘doesn’t get it’.  And of course even Mort Zuckerman, a democrat, ‘doesn’t get it.’   Neither of them is a lawyer and like most they think like an American business man, the same kind of thinking that made America great.

Lawyers don’t think like businessmen.  Businessmen create and produce.  Lawyers destroy and take away from those who produce.  In fact the mindset of a lawyer not only differs with a businessman, but also with you and I, the common American.  This is why Americans are constantly shaking their heads in disbelief at the actions of our politicians, because they are mostly all lawyers!

Don’t take my word for it.  Just listen to 2 law professors who wrote the book on how lawyers education and training makes their actions and thinking totally different than with the everyday American.  (here)

All that is needed to understand why Obama turned down this ground breaking offer from IBM is to understand and know that Obama went to law school and was indoctrinated there into thinking like a lawyer.  Not any different then how growing up with socialists teaches you how to think like a socialist.

‘We are a product of our environment.’  So being schooled in your formative years at a Muslim Madrassa, then hanging with socialists in college and going on to a law school would just about make anyone, that’s right, THINK LIKE A MUSLIM SOCIALIST LAWYER.  Pretty easy, isn’t it?

But of course most will not admit this because it fly in the face of their personal opinion, as baseless as that opinion may be.

Here’s the video:

So there you have it.  Once again you see vividly the thinking and mindset of a lawyer. Instead of saving a TRILLION DOLLARS with absolutely no gamble, he chooses to spend a TRILLION DOLLARS with no concern at all about the gamble.  But then again, it’s not his money and we all know that the only client most lawyers ever represent is THEMSELVES.
Fortunately there is an answer to this ongoing destruction of our country.
And you have come to the right place to find it out:


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