Lawyers & Casey Anthony – The Celebration of Evil

By now most have seen the pictures of ‘The Religion of Peace’ celebrating around the world when over 3000 innocent people were butchered on September 11, 2001.

Muslims Celebrating 9/11

Well this display of unimaginable elation is not very rare anymore and is not limited to Islam and it’s subhuman cult of followers.  Indeed in the courtrooms of America, all too often this narcissistic display of an ’empty soul’ can be seen at the defense table of every killer, rapist and pedophile who walks free. Thanks to the lies and manipulations and total disregard for any decency, America’s privileged class celebrates as lives are destroyed and good and innocent people, and even babies, are terrorized and killed.

The latest example is the trial of Casey Anthony.   As with Simpson and so many others, this was not a display of American jurisprudence, but another testament to the greed and heartlessness of a group of selfish and narcissistic people who prioritize their own wealth and fame over everything and everybody.   Justice, and the well being and future of the greatest country and society in all of history is of no concern.

On a daily basis they prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, both in the Courtroom and in all of the branches of Government which they now control, that they are indeed ‘The Scum of America’

Personally, the pictures of the Muslims celebrating after 9/11 do not bother me as much as those of Jose Diaz, Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Baily et al.

At trial, in front of the whole world, they celebrate the advance and the liberation of evil.

After the Casey Anthony verdict came in, lawyer Jose Baez and his whole defense team toasted champagne to ‘their big win’ – right outside the courthouse!

– A Little Child was murdered by her own mother and the lawyers celebrate their victory!

Here Simpson’s lawyers celebrate while the parents of the murder victims sit merely feet from them…

And Finally, here is what most lawyers think about you and me, justice, and a dead child…

This subhuman’s name is Cheney Mason – Telephone:  (407) 843-5785  – Fax:  (407) 422-6858

The Islamist are and always have been a subculture of civilization that thinks there is a place in heaven for them as long as they follow the Koran, a book written by a depraved mass murderer and pedophile who wrote under the pseudonym of ‘Allah’.    They actually are brainwashed and indoctrinated into a world of evil from the day they are born so what else can one expect?

These lawyers however are born and raised in a country and a society that values life above all else.   A nation that was inaugurated on a Judeo-Christian foundation that first and foremost promoted it’s belief in God, ‘The Golden Rule’ and that ‘all men are created equal.’   So there is no excuse for the depravity exhibited by these lawyers other than they are indeed evil people.

‘Popeye’ was often heard touting “I am what I am.”  A common belief is that we are indeed what we are and that is established the day we are born.   Whether these lawyers are born evil or are trained to dispose of emotion and human values in their pursuit of success, is a separate discussion and ‘frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.’

I have as much concern for the reasoning behind their narcissistic evil as I do for the Muslims or any subhuman who knowingly destroys others lives.

So Mr. Baez, Mr. Mason, Ms. Sims and all team members, you have another ‘achievement’ to celebrate.  You have all  now earned your place and have been given honorary membership in The Scum of America Club.   You have some famous names in this club and you can look forward to exchanging success stories with them eternally when you join them at ‘Club Headquarters.’  Being so smart and so clever, I’m sure you’ll have no problem convincing ‘your boss’ to turn down the heat…

( Anyone who thinks that I may be ‘getting too riled up’  about this please take a minute and study the photos above.  And while you’re eyes roam over the visible elation on the lawyers faces, imagine that your daughter or your son’s  throat had been cut open by Simpson.  And then imagine that your precious 3 year old daughter was murdered and her body was laying in a field rotting away… )

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