School District Sued – Students get $175M – Lawyer gets $475M  !!

Most Americans have no idea about the extent of the destruction the American lawyer is doing to this once great country.  It would be safe to estimate about 85% of all American lawyers are greedy, soulless, out of control ‘vampires’  sucking the spirit and the money out of the American people on a daily basis.

For purposes of this conversation, we will set aside the destruction that they are doing to the government by occupying 85% of elected offices in America.   Their hands are in the pockets of every aspect of our society.  It has been this way now for well over 3 decades and it is tearing apart the very foundation upon which America’s success was built.

It is no exaggeration that if I were to post an article every time one of these ‘bloodsuckers’ made his mark, this would be one of the longest and most depressing blogs on the internet.   So every once in a while we’ll just identify one example that is representative of the many.     ( for a small ‘taste’ of  the ‘many’ check out this site:  The Institute for Legal Reform and sign up for their Newsletter.  You will be sickened at how bad it really is and how far their tentacles reach into everyone and everything.)

The latest example is a case out of Pennsylvania involving a school district sued by 2 students.  The merits of the case can be argued either way.  It’s the ‘morality’ of the outcome  that illustrates how the bloodsucking lawyers have no regard for anyone or anything.  The school district is funded by hardworking citizens who try hard to just keep their taxes supporting a decent education for their children.  Along comes these lawyer who try to suck every penny out of the schools and making every aspect of education a liability to the citizens and the educators.

Lower Merion settles webcam lawsuits

By John P. Martin


The Lower Merion School District will pay more than $600,000 to settle two lawsuits over its tracking of student laptops, ending an eight-month saga that thrust the elite district into a global spotlight and stirred questions about technology and privacy in schools.

The school board members voted unanimously Monday night to pay $185,000 to two students who sued the school for secretly activating the webcams on their laptops. The bulk of the money, $175,000, will be put in trust for Blake Robbins, the Harriton High School junior whose lawsuit first brought the issue to light. Jalil Hasan, who graduated in June from Lower Merion High School and filed a lawsuit this summer, will receive $10,000.

The district will also pay $425,000 in legal fees to the students’ attorney, Mark Haltzman.

Here’s John Stossel’s Article on Tort Lawyers along with the Videos on his show:  Lawyers win, You Lose!

Parasitic tort lawyers

Posted by John Stossel July 7, 2010

Tort lawyers lie. They say their product-liability suits are good for us. But their lawsuits rarely make our lives better. They make lawyers and a few of their clients better off – but for the majority of us, they make life much worse.

Years back, as one of America’s first consumer reporters, I’d avenge harmed consumers by bringing cameras to the offending business and confronting the crooks. My work warned others about the dangers in the marketplace but didn’t do much for the victims.

So I thought about those personal-injury lawyers. They could do more good – they could sue bad companies, force them to change and get the victims money. I started referring hurt consumers to lawyers.

Imagine my shock when consumers called to say their lawyers took most of the money!

Even when the lawyers do help their clients, they hurt everyone else because fear of their lawsuits takes away many good things: Swimming pools, playgrounds and gymnastics programs close because liability insurance is so expensive. Kids lose their favorite places to hang out in the summer.

More importantly, innovators dump potentially lifesaving inventions. Companies that started work on a safer asbestos substitute, an AIDS vaccine and a Lyme disease vaccine gave up the research because any work in those areas risked stirring up the lawyers. The liability risk was too great.

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Lawyers Win – You Lose

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